- Blend of Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet Fruit

- Village Level Quality

- Remarkable Concentration, Clarity of Fruit, Minerality and Balance

- Incredible 2014 Vintage

- Under $24.99 and Lower By the Case

It is that time of year now of eggnog, turkey, Charlie Brown's Xmas, bitter cold weather, leaves changing colors and of course the rollout of Fass Selections wines of the year. As always there is an interesting methodology about how this selection came about. Before that the core tenets of what I look for in Fass Selections White Wine of the Year are below.

1: Ideally the wine should be under $30 and be affordable by the case

2: The wine should provide extraordinary value for the price, appellation and peer group.

2016 Klingelberger

- Urgent Minerality

- Perfectly Interspersed Apple and Pear

- Top, Top German Riesling for Under $30

2016 Durbacher Plauerlain Weissburgunder Kabinett Trocken

- One Grabs a Wine Like This When Trying to Show how Great a Winery Is

- All the Purity of Laible in a Pinot Blanc

- Incredibly Distinctive Wine

Members of the Laible cult are a special breed.  They like poetry.   They enjoy long walks in the park

at sunset.

Great Wine Is About the Struggles of Man and Vine

- These Vines Know Struggle Like Almost no Other and You Can Taste It

Some of the Great QPR Nebbiolo I've Ever Had

3 Very Different Wines from the Same Region

- Corte da La Meridiana - Powerful and Spicy 

- Grumello - a Sensual Uber Geek Wine all About Aromatics

- Saloncello - Rich, Round, Spicy and Delicious

Total Italian Wine Geeks Know and Love These Wines - The Rest of You Will Learn

I usually have a picture of the winemaker or the wi

The Last Wine from the Epic Battenfeld Spanier 2016 Collection

Young Frauneberg Vines (Grand Cru Vineyard)

Premier Cru Wine

Complete, Complex, Delicious, Balanced, Mineral, Aromatic

Buy Whatever You Can Store at This Price (Cases at $21.99!)

It's time to close the door. It's time to shut it down. It's time to say goodbye to the brilliance that is the

Battenfeld Spanier 2016 collection.

The Man Who Works the Same Terroir As Superstar Sebastien Furst Every Day

- His Wines Are 1/3 the Price

The 2013 is Just a Crazy, Crazy Great Wine, Ready to Drink

From Centgrafenberg,  INSANE CLONE One of My Favorite Vineyards

The 2011 Is One of the Top Pinots That I Sell - Miraculous, Super Cuvee Passion Project - I Got a Teeny Allocation

Only Sold to Michelin ** Starred Restaurants and Fass Selections

My business model is to generally to find out about wines when they are just starting g

2015 Leon Gold Cabernet/Merlot

- One of the Greatest 2015 German Red Wines I've Had from Anywhere

- Hand Selected Grapes for His Son's Birth Year

- He Made 300 Bottles and Kept 100 - Craziest Collector's Item Ever

- Exquisite Fruit Quality

- Picture La Fleur Petrus ($125+) German Style

- The Ultimate Ringer at a Bordeaux Tasting

- Very Limited 

2016 Großheppach Cabernet Sauvignon

- Gorgeous Cabernet Fruit

- Beautiful Cassis, Mineral Overtones

- Remarkably Well Made 

- Delicious, Inte

Today Is the Day to Stock Up on Affordable Red Burgundy

2015 1er Cru "Les Rouvrettes"

- Exuberant, Ready to Drink

- 90 Points from Burghound (if You Care)

2015 Savigny Les Beaune 

- 88 Burghound Points

- The 2012 Outdrank Its Score with Time and So Will This

- $22.99 for Village Red Burgundy from a Great Vintage

"I understand why Girard was so enthusiastic as his 2015s are perhaps the best wines that I have ever seen from him in almost 20 years of visiting the domaine." Burghound, Allen

The Incredibly Concentrated 2015 Vintage in Baden Meets the Wizard of Aromatics

The Most Structured Young Pinots I've Ever Had from Germany

Two Incredibly Special Wines

2015 Jaspis 

- Remarkable Depth and Power for Pinot Noir

- Sorcerous Aromatics - Citrus, Spice, Wet Earth, Fruit

- Terrific Acidity and Length

2015 Schulen

- This Vintage Is the Quality Level of His Top Tier Wines

- Exuberant Ripe, Red Fruits

- A Crazy Level of Quality for $29.99

"The man is a superstar, whose Pinots a

This Guy Is My Next Big Discovery 

- He Will Some Day Challenge the King (of Chablis)

- There Is Going to Be a Feeding Frenzy on These at Some Point Soon

- Cellar As much of the 14s As You Can

2014 Heritage

- 70 Year Old Vines

- Same Elevage as his 1er Crus

- Remarkable Density, Power, Thrust and Balance for a $22.99 Wine

- One of the Great Values in White Burgundy

2014 Côte de Lechet

- One of the Richest, Most Full Bodied, Balanced Chablis I've Ever Tasted

- If You Love Chablis, You

Which Other French Region Can You Get the Best Winemaker and the Best Terroir for Under $38?

2016 Is a Vintage of Incredible Finesse in Savoie

2016 "Les Fripons"

- Some of THE Best Roussanne in the World (I'm not joking)

- The Power of Roussanne with Mountain Lightness

- Truly a Unique and Fabulous Wine 

- Ridiculous Finesse

2016 "El Hem

- Like Batard-Montrachet made from Uber Geek Grape Altesse

- Pear, Lavender, Hawthorne Apple, Spices, Honey on the Palate

- Complexity and Concentrati