Two 2016s - An Incredibly Elegant Vintage That Is Drinking Incredibly

An Wonderfully Fresh Cornas with the Structure to Age

Fantastic Crozes Aged with no Wood - Great Crozes Character

Unlike athletes, who reach a peak and then have a steady decline, winemakers keep getting better and

better and better. There is no decline. The leaps they also make are much more pronounced when they are younger. In 2015 Remy Nodin made astonishing wines and the feedback has been great from many happy clients. The wines are just stupid values and as Remy gets better, the wines will go up in price.

Remy shares many of the same traits as our other young. He is obsessed with his vines and meticulous in the vineyards. What differentiates him is the absolute seriousness and complexity of his wines.

I Rarely Sell Entry Level Wines Because with My Direct Model, I Can Sell Better Wines for the Same Price.

I'm Selling This Wine Because Fabien Will One Day Be One of the Top 1-2 Producers in Chablis

These Wines Are Very Popular But There is Not Yet a Feeding Frenzy

- There Will Be Some Day, So Buy Them While You Can

The cool kids in France are scooping up these wines.  And the cool kids on my list are drinking them with abandon.

The First Pinot Noir I've Sold from Wurrtemberg 

A Totally Distinctive Pinot Noir

- Darker and Denser than Our Other German Pinots

- Explosively Juicy

Also a Rare Under $20 Red - Incredible Value

Leon Gold Is Incredibly Popular in Germany

- The Pinot Is Small Production and Will Be Allocated at Some Point

I have been literally waiting to sell today's wine since I tasted it last year in barrel.

Under $34 Case Pricing for Incredibly Elegant Rose

- Would Cost $55 3 Tier

- Best Rose Value in the USA, Hands Down

Don't Sleep on the BdB (Under $40)

- Incredible Density and Fruit

- But Classic Brice Balance and Finesse

One thing I often grab for which I never have enough of is high quality rose Champagne. I love it. It's

the only pink wine I will drink besides Cotat Rose and E&M Spatburgunder rose. The problem is that good rose champagne usually starts off at $50+ and only goes up.

It's the only way to describe it. It's the Monfortino of Gamay. Clos de Mez is perhaps the most

polarizing wine in all of Beaujolais besides Jules Desjourney but for vastly different reasons. Desjourney wines dial up the extract and oak to 13 and blind you'd think they are Perrot-Minnot or Harlan. At Clos de Mez, Marie-Elodie makes her wines exactly like they make wines where she lives, which is Vosne Romanee in Burgundy. These are wines that demand aging to show the magic.

You Know them from their Incredible Pinot Noirs but Their Rieslings Are Top Tier & What Made Them Famous

These Are Ridiculous Values Because I Buy Direct

The Best Goldtropfchen Vintage Since 2001

Goldtropfchen Is One of My Favorite Vineyards in Germany and these Wines Are Iconic - Must Buys

Only at Fass Selections would you see the first offerings of a Mosel producer be pinot noir.

I only have one estate in Savoie and the reason is pretty simple; it's because I believe with every fiber

of my being that not only it is it the best estate in the Savoie but it's one of the world's great wine estates.  I have a cellar the size of Churchill and can drink what I like, and to be truthful, I drink almost as much Berlioz as I do white Burgundy.


1) The wines are remarkably well made.  I mean remarkably.   Balanced, concentrated and flawless.

St. Aubin 1er Cru - The Ultimate Insider's Wine - Rare as Hen's Teeth

- Across from Chevalier Montrachet and Directly Next to Champs Gain

- The Intensity of St. Aubin and the Elegance of Puligny

Meursault "Les Case-Tettes"

- Stunningly Mineral

- Terrific Concentration and Incredibly Clean

I have never had a bad Chavy Chouet bottle. Wait, let me correct that. I've never had a bottle from

Chavy Chouet that has been less than profound.

Small Production (1.2 Hectares)

Many of You Have Told Me this is One of the Best Value Bordeaux You've Had

The Sun Shined on Pomerol and Lalande-de-Pomerol in 2015 / Top Appellations of TOP Vintage

Today will be the 6th vintage of Fass list favorite, Chateau Samion. We've all heard of  the  $1,000+

per bottle Chateau Petrus, the Grand Gru Bordeaux estate that is the stuff of legends.  Jean-Claude Berrouet is the winemaker who was the head winemaker at Petrus for 44 years.

This Wine is Up There with the Great Mineral Wines of the World

- And Yes, I Mean The Big Boys in Chablis

The Depth on This is Profound, Mind Bending

The Palate Impact Is So Huge the Wine Appears Almost Alive

I Should Charge $100+ for This, It's $44.99

If You Want to See What Great Riesling Is Like with Some Age, Hit Reply... Fast

Today I have something ridiculously special. And of course it is on a Saturday. I'm not sure what is

different about Saturday offers.