Some days, you just luck into things.  Me, I attribute it to good, clean living.

So here's the story.

Caspari Kappel, one of our original 6 German producers and our founding Mosel producer, made a great wine in 2012.  Because it is not measurably dry, like their other wines (and what they are known for in Germany) they could not sell it for love or money.  It was like trying to sell Jamon Iberico at the gift store in an Orthodox synagogue.  This wine only has 10-12 grams of residual sugar. Sugar, when at that low a level, acts as a textural enhancer rather than making a wine taste sweet. But the Germans didn't care and so Caspari offered it to me at a ridiculous discount and I'm passing on my good fortune.

There are certain wines in my portfolio that are just utterly delicious and incredible with food where you don't have to sit and ponder them for an hour.  That's ok because I don't want every wine in my

portfolio to have to breathe for 6 hours or what not. If you had a bad day at work or if your team lost in the World Series you just want to pop, pour and enjoy. It needs to be tasty and really delicious with great flavor intensity and the one or two notes it excels it really excels in.

Enderle and Moll is one of the Fass Selections "Original 6" in Germany and at this point I think I

have written everything possible there is to write about them. Every adjective, every superlative and top levels of hyperbole that even surprise me I have written in the 3 years of Fass Selections when talking about the unique and delicious wines of Enderle and Moll. And every bit of praise and hyperbole is not enough. They are that good.

What makes a wine of the year?

- A lot of people will buy it so it has to drink well when they get it and when they open it.

- It has to be distinctive and reflect the style of the person selling it.

- It should be from a good to great vintage for that wine

- It's best that it's affordable so that everyone can buy it and exhibits a profound quality to price ratio.

"The man is a superstar, whose Pinots are up there with the very best." 

Tim Atkin, Master of Wine and award-winning wine journalist, broadcaster and commentator

"Ziereisen is a little bit like Bayern Munich.

"This tiny estate (covers a scant 1.5 hectare) has fashioned some serious 2012s and 2013s. This was

my first time tasting the wines of Serrette, and I came away impressed."

Jeb Dunnuck, The Wine Advocate

Sometimes a price can be so enticing through my model that I have to sit back, put my legs on the desk, admire my dope sneakers that I have on for a second, let out a satisfied deep breath and be very pleased with myself.

I've been looking for something that truly pushes the envelope in Germany when it comes to

winemaking.  I have a few winemakers in France but not many as I only want to offer interesting wines that are also well made and delicious. I believe I have found one of the most unique voices in Germany or, rather, it found me (for lovers of the story, read below).

Have you ever tasted a wine that was so delicious that you were challenged to write a tasting note?

"hints of peach..."

Damn this is good.

"Do I get some lemon peel?..."

Damn this is good.

Such are these wines.  Are they complex?  Yes.  Are they all that Grand Cru Wines should be?  Yes.

But I challenge you to sit still and write a tasting note.  They are just so absolutely delicious that it's hard to really say much more that really adds to that.

Romaric Chavy is getting his moment in the sun. Since taking over from his father in 2005, he has

boosted quantity and is now selling four times as much wine.  Plus he has also boosted quality to never before seen heights. He is a go getter and one of the most mellow, even tempered winemakers I have had the pleasure of dealing with. You are all about to taste his magnificent 2013's for the first time and will come to realize this is one of the up and coming superstars in the Cote de Beaune.

One of the cult classic wines in the Fass Selections portfolio has to be the brilliant and stunning St. Josephs of Mikael Desestret of the eponymous Domaine de la Cote Epine. I still count my lucky stars I have been able to work with Mikael for 3 vintages now as these are some of the most special wines in the book and my serious value in the Northern Rhone amongst the sexier appellations. As a side note it is amazing progress that we can rightfully call St.