Say it once.

Say it twice.

Today, I'm offering the 2011 Florent Garaudet Monthelie "Les Mons Helios," for as little as $47.99 on a 3-pack. 

Monthelie is the next village over from Pommard and Volnay yet it gets little attention. No great winemaker made a wine worth that attention ...that is no longer true.  One thing I know for sure is that there is no other wine like it in Burgundy. This is Florent Garaudet's best wine (when have you ever heard of a winemaker in Burgundy, that their best wine is a village wine, when in fact they have terrific 1er Cru Terroir?)

It is concentrated like you will not believe and is more Pommard than Volnay in its structure and

mouthfeel. This is one dense wine.

I had this wine before I offered it the last time and was very impressed.  Then I had it again recently when it had a bit of time to age a bit and was blown away.  I mean could not stop drinking it blown


Michel Chèvre is the right hand man of Thierry Germain (Domaine des Roches Neuves) who is making, for my money, the best chenin blanc in the world. Michel has his own private estate where he makes almost no wine and it is just fabulous. To die for stuff.

At around the last time of the Pascal Cotat offer a month or so ago, I had a striking e-mail exchange

with a customer about the difference in the style of the Grand Côte and the Les Monts Damnes, which are Pascal's and Francois' two greatest sites. He came up with the analogy I will focus my offer on. He is reading and I'm sure will be buying and I want to thank him first for his brilliant analogy.

The weak euro is a nice thing sometimes and when I can offer deals like I can today everyone win But did you know there is a very rare bottling at Pommery called the Cuvee Louise Rose, which can be had today for the startlingly low price of $139.99 a bottle for the 2000 vintage on a 2-pack. Compare at $175-$300 a bottle. This is an amazing price on an absolutely amazing bottle of Champagne.

No exaggeration I have never tasted a better value vintage Champagne than the wine I am offering today. For $39.99 a bottle on a 3-pack the 2008 Yann Alexander Blanc de Blancs is just insane wine. That is all I can say.  The nose screams yeasty, mineral laden goodness.  So feral yet so beautiful. Palate is like a cloud it is so gorgeous. It has that perfect blend of yeasty BDB goodness,

stark and bare minerals from the low dosage, and brilliant finesse.

I love bringing in wonderful new producers from well known regions like Volnay, Chablis and Gevrey Chambertin.  But the best value wines under $25 are going to be in regions that have not yet It is the 201 2 Domaine Borgnat Coulanges de Vineuse "Tete de Cuvee" and can be had for $20.99 a bottle on the 4-pack. This wine is so good and shows the potential of the region in a perfect vintage. Incredible aromas with vivid berry fruit and loads of minerals and a pure and clear vibe.

I know I know, two Sebastien Dampt offers in a month. But they are radically different wines at Today, I am offering the 2014 Sebastien Dampt Chablis 1er Cru "Les Beugnons", (as little as $26.99 on a 4-pack). 

radically different price points but most importantly they both need an individual e-mail because both wines not only deserve it but demand it. Yes, sometimes wine does talk to me and these two wines needed to be separated.

The wines of Henri Gallet really are some of the top traditionally made wines in Côte Rotie. They

have not been imported into the USA since the mid 2000's which is a shame as they are such a beautiful and singular expression of Côte Rotie. It is an elegant style for sure and he adds around 4-5% Viognier which ramps up the aromatic intensity.

Many of you have been asking me when the next Laible offer is. Laible, along with Weltner are the

wines that more people in the wine business buy than anyone else. Why is that? Let's examine the brilliant wines of Laible and see why they are so appealing to people in the wine business.

1) Everybody in the wine business loves German Riesling. It's just a fact.

No one else would try to import these wines.  The winemaker doesn't make enough wine to earn a

living from this, he does it for the love of wine.  And I get a small allocation, not enough to support a normal import portfolio.  Honestly, I get so little it barely makes sense for me but everyone who drinks the wines absolutely loves them, so it's worth it to me.

These are wines that you can pretty much dedicate the evening to.