My Annual Allocation of the Wine that Outshines Gross Gewachs/Grand Crus 2-3 Times the Price

There are two types of Fass Selections Riesling customers. One who believes in the God   of Battenfeld-Spanier and one who believes in the God of Andreas Laible. They are both terrific customers but also very devout to their respective beliefs. Today I want the Battenfeld fans to open up to the possibility that maybe, there might be another God who can coexist with their God. That God is Andreas Laible. I have never brought up religion in a Fass Selections e-mail, but the fervent, almost religious fervor of each side is something I did not expect.

Perfect Northern Rhone from the Man Who Has Tasted Them All

The Best Value Hermitage I've Ever Had ($45.99)

Ready to Drink

A Must Buy for Syrah Lovers    

Note: We are delaying East Coast shipping until the week of March 2 (at least) because of weather concerns.

Jean-Louis Chave is the King of the Northern Rhone.  But when you taste with Jean-Louis he tells you to visit Georges Lelektsoglou, the owner of THE store in the Northern Rhone, Compagnie L'Hermitage.

Same Quality Level as Selosse (A Big Claim I Know - Read On)

Too Expensive to Sell at Normal Retail... But Not With My Model  

David Léclapart.

David Léclapart.

He is likely the best winemaker in Champagne who most people have never heard of.  He may be the best winemaker in France who most people have never heard of.

I can't believe I got my hands on 2 cuvees of David Léclapart at these prices.  

There are winemakers and there are artists.  And then there are winemakers who are artists.

Simon Bize's Corton Charlemagne is maybe the best white Burgundy few people talk about.  Which

is odd because Bize is such a hallowed estate. I believe it has nothing to do with the quality of the wine but the fetishization problem of a few producers every region has. In Corton Charlemagne there is Coche for high end, Bonneau du Martray as the classic stalwart and Bouchard as the negociant value star. Personally I think Bize crushes Bonneau du Martray and Bouchard.

By now most of you know that Battenfeld Spanier is one of the top dry wine estates inGermany - up  Today I am offering the 2014 Battenfeld Spanier Moelsheim Riesling Trocken for $25.99 on a 4-pack and $23.99 on a case. 

with the Kellers and the Schäfer Fröhlich.  Their top wines cost around $50 through me (they should be $80+ but I buy direct).

So why should you buy this wine?

I am absolutely in love with this wine.  I fell in love with it the first time I tasted it in Germany.

"Marvellous wines of freshness and delicacy which today place the domaine amongst the greatest in France" -La Revue du Vin de France

Today's wines are from the Rousillon, one of my least favorite regions of France.  Why? The wines are mostly high voltage Grenacheville.  So how does Domaine Gauby make some of the most well

balanced wines in France?

1.  Gauby's terroir is fantastic.

You know that you're on to something when you ask around about a winemaker and all the famous Burgundian winemakers say "oh yes, Florent Garaudet, the one with the brilliant Monthelie Blanc."

Most winemakers, in my experience,  do not casually flatter their competitors (if you've met many winemakers, you know that this is the understatement of the year).   These are ground floor, must buy wines from a brilliant 28 year old winemaker.

There is a reason why Champagne became one of the most famous wines in the world and that reason is the tete de cuvee Champagnes from the so called "Grand Marques."I know that many of us make

fun of their entry level wines but by and large, these top wines are some of the best wines in the world.  They are undeniably awesome and we all love them, except maybe for some rabble-rousers out there.

Pommery Cuvee Louise is easily one of my favorite tete de cuvees.

Why do I always open these first and run out of my sample stock so quickly?  They are amazing

wines, but I have lots of great Northern Rhone wines in my portfolio.  I think that it is because this winemaker is what Fass Selections is all about.  This is a relatively new estate that is making what I believe are easily some of the top wines in Crozes-Hermitage.  Like many great winemakers, they have started in an unheralded area and are making stunningly delicious, well made wines.