One of the Most Powerful Rieslings We'll Sell

Perfectly Aged and At It's Peak

What Aged Rheinhessen Riesling is All About

Deals Like This on Aged  Wine from Top Producers Are Rare

I Have a Good Amount so Ask and Ye Shall Receive 

Classic, Electric 2004 Vintage

"The sun even shines on a dog's ass some days"  - Sidney Dean (White Men Can't Jump)

Translation: some days, even I get lucky.

Old time list members remember the brilliant quartet of Keller wines we offered back in our first and second years for literally almost no money.

The 07 Is One of the Top Pinots That I Sell - Miraculous, Super Cuvee Passion Project - I Got a Teeny Allocation

Only Sold to Michelin-Starred Restaurants and Fass Selections

The 2010 is Just a Crazy, Crazy Great Wine, Ready to Drink

Both from Centgrafenberg, One of My Favorite Vineyards

Franken is the Volnay/Pommard/Corton Style to Baden's Vosne Romanee Style

Our sales of German Pinot Noir are going through the roof (we cannot keep them in stock) and for good reason.

Customers who have had more than a few bottles of wine that I sell often comment that they can tell when they open a bottle that it is one that I have selected.  There is definitely a consistent profile across the wines.  I’ve been asked several times to explain what the style of my portfolio is and to be honest, it’s hard to put into words.  "I know it when I see it, " as Justice Potter Stewart once famously said.  But that is sort of a copout.  So I will endeavor to explain it as best I can.

The Deep: Bold, Rich, Opulent, Complex and Profound.Candied Citrus, Ripe Pear, Black Fruits, Hazelnuts, Fresh Grilled Bread, Crystalline, Nougat, Burnt Notes like Creme Brullee, Cooked Fruit, Layers of spice, Praline, Honey, Gingerbread and Wet Earth....and That's Just the Nose

I believe in the category of Fass Selections super premium Champagnes we have all the angles covered. We have four, that come and go as availability on these wines can be limited.

Retail's Dirty Little Secret - Wines We Never Put on the Shelf

With the Election and Shipping Season No One is Paying Attention

So I'm Offering My Few Cases Now of the Greek's Behind the Counter Wine

Forget What You Think You Think You Know About Crozes-Hermitage

Biodynamic, Old Vines, Only Made in Certain Years and Aged in a Concrete Egg

This Wine is Aromatic and Elegant Beyond Belief

The Cuvee They All Fight Over in France

Every wine retailer worth their salt has some wines that they ge

First, I must say I had to really think hard about adding another Rheinhessen wine to my portfolio.

After all, I already have Battenfeld Spanier who is one of the Rheinhessen Big 4 and one of the top 5 producers of white wine in Germany.  But then I whacked myself in the head and realized that I could not not offer them.  First, the wines are completely different from Battenfeld Spanier and the other Big 3.

Everyone has been asking for a 2010 Barolo and as they say, your wish is my demand. So why am I starting the E-Mail with the Franco Conterno 2008 Barolo Riserva Sette Anni ($59.99 each on 3)? Because it's drinking incredibly well now and it's a selection of the best grapes from Bussia, Pugnane and Panerole. The nose is classic Barolo: cut flowers, violets along with some sweet fruit. The palate is pure Piedmontese power.  Big dark fruit flavors with structure like Fort Knox.

JJ Morel is a producer that my partner Matt and I absolutely adore. We drink and taste many wines, in fact all of them that we offer and every time one of us tastes a JJ Morel wine, we excitingly email each other and just start praising him and his wines.

Matt: "Can you believe how lucky we are to have him?"

Lyle: "I know. It's insane. Just crazy.

One of the fun things about the wine world is experimentation. Sometimes it can be good and work

out well and other times it does not. Happy accidents combined with climate change and winemakers who think outside the box has brought some really cool wines into the already vast selection out there.

Wine sales are hard.  You have to communicate the story of the winery.  You have to explain how thewine tastes.  Then you have to explain the value.

What if all of that were simplified?

What if you could just find out which celebrity liked that wine? Your knowledge of what the celebrity is like would tell you if you liked the individual wine.  And we all know what celebrities are like from their minute by minute coverage in the media.