Only 1 Other Store in the World Has This (in Germany)

Stunning Waves of Aromatic Complexity

But the Palate is Even Better

- Incredible Concentration, Ridiculous Mouthfeel

- Incredible Deep and Clear Fruit

An Absolute Mad Genius Wine

This is a good story. Some stories are better than others and the story of this wine is a good one. So

one day I was sitting in my couch and flipping through the old 'gram. That's Instagram but the 'gram is what the cool kids call it Klaus-Peter Keller is perhaps the most visible German winemaker on Instagram. Give him a follow if you can. He drinks great wines (including recently some Mobitz 14s).

Enderle and Moll Make Some of the Rarest Pinots on Earth

"Best Customer Only" list at Top Restaurants

Micro Production, Organic, One of Germany's Top Winemakers

This Is His Entry Level Wine

- Stunningly Delicious

- I Got an Insane Direct from the Winery Price

- This Is a Wine for Everyone

- The Beautiful Fruit from Terrific Vineyard Work

- The Poetic Transparency of a Great Winemaker

- Delicate and Refined Beneath the Deliciousness

The Best Wine for a Price You Don't Have to Think Abou

Red Riesling - 2014 Kirchenstuck Spätburgunder Grosses Gewachs

- The Finesse, Minerality and Balance of German Riesling

- Combined with the Aromatics and Fruit of Pinot Noir

- A Pinot Noir Worthy of One of The Top German Winemakers

2016 Kirchenstuck Riesling Grosses Gewachs

- A Small Amount of Our Last 2016 Riesling GG of the Year

- 95 Points from Stuart Pigott 

2016 Battenfeld Spanier Gruner Silvaner "Leopold"

- Amazingly Racy, Chiseled - Terrifically Mineral

- The 2015 Got 91 Points f

Chavy-Chouet Is an Elite Producer in Burgundy

Demand for His Wines Is Increasing 

Prices Are Going Up 15-20% per Year

Elite Winemakers Make Wines That Are Delicious but also Clearly Their Own - That is What These Are

Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru "Champs Gains"

- One of the Most Floral Pulignys

- Stunningly Aromatic with Elite Class Power and Depth

- Almost a Contradiction in Terms - Very Special

Chavy Chouet Meursault 1er Cru "Les Genevrieres"

- Perhaps His Signature Wine

- The Magnifice

There Are Burgundies That You Sniff and Admire

And There Are A Small Number That Have the Fruit Density to Compete With Any Wine in the World

These Are in the Latter Group

2016 Was Very High Quality But There Are Teeny Quantities

- A Unique, Low Yielding Vintage You Want to Own

A Volnay and a Pommard That Are Quite Simply off the Charts in Terms of Fruit

As most of us know, Romaric Chavy-Chouet has crossed over into the elite tier in terms of quality

and price.

The rules as I see them for this list. Consistently excellent wine from year to year. If you are trapped in Cleveland as a storm is bearing down and all the Costco has is the '02 Roilette Cuvee Tardive, you snatch that up because it is on this list. Or at an art opening in NYC and they are pouring '13 Yellowtail  Verdelho and '15 Lapalu VDF Amphorae, you ask for a glass of the Beaujolais after consulting this list.

"Shooting stars" Stephan Reinhardt, The Wine Advocate


The Terroir Specificity of Rebholz

- Epic Levels of Pfalz Minerality

The Precise Vineyard Management of Tim Frohlich

These Wines Are Forces of Nature

Think of a Pfalz Version of Paul Weltner, Tim Frohlich or Jean-Marc Roulot 

Most of my wineries have a decent amount of fame in their native regions (or countries) when I start

with them.

I pretty much avoid Italian sparkling wine like the plague.  Why?  Because it generally stinks and on

top of stinking, it’s annoyingly hip and hugely overpriced.  Pretty much, if you have $35-$45 to spend, you are better off with a French sparkling wine of any type.

First, some background.  The most generally well known “serious” Italian sparkling wine is Franciacorta (which is made using Methode Champenoise).

2015 Volnay 1er Cru Monopole "Les Grands Champs"

- As Good, If Not Better, Than Their Clos de Chenes

- A Master Class in the Elegance and Complexity of Volnay

- Will Age for 15-35 Years

2015 Village Pommard

- Delicious, Dark Fruited, Complex, Deep, Insanely Juicy and Ready to Go

- A Burghound Top Value of the Vintage!

I'm still thinking about the Pascal Bouley 2015s and in the usual humble way of the Burgundians,

young Pierrick is quoted as saying in the latest BH, "Overall, I like the v

This is a Ride That We Are All Lucky to Be On

The Fastest Quality Skyrocket I've Ever Seen from an Estate

2015 Thörle Hölle Spatburgunder

- Fruit Energy Reminds Me of 02 La Tache

- The type of purity people Talk about when They Discuss The Essence of Pinot Noir

When the Burgheads Really Catch on To German Pinot in 10 Years and This Wine Costs 5 Times as Much, You Will Laugh Your Behind off That It Cost Under $50

"A brooding giant with more bitter chocolate, smoke and herbs than fruit on th