When I first met Vincent Ledy we tasted the bottled 2011s and the barrels of the2012s. The 2012s blew my mind and they are on their way here now. I of course, wanted to sell the 2012s, but Vincent, who made some of the best 11s I tasted, insisted I sell the 11s before the 12s. Which was easy as his 11s are terrific. But now the 11s are no more and we can dip our hands into the cookie box which is the 2012s. Vincent wines, are a lot like Martin Muellen's wines. They are completely uncompromising and despite some of the humble appellations these are chock full of dense, voluminous fruit and intense structure. With low yields and insane attention to detail in the vineyard and the cellar there is nothing like Vincent's wines in Burgundy. It is amazing what he gets out of his terroir.

Of all the new wineries that I found on my last French trip the one I am the most excited about is the brilliant estate in Chignin of Gilles Berlioz. They are on the boat now and I am, a word I confess to

have used a lot, giddy about giddy about their arrival. Gilles Berlioz is on the level of the Jura's Ganevat (they also happen to be very good friends).

If there is one common thread in all the wines I import, besides balance between fruit and acidity, it is

that most of them seem to be light to medium bodied wines. As I have gotten older I have shied away from bigger wines. When I first started (1997-1998) if you can believe it, I was loving young tannic Bordeaux, Aussie Shiraz, CA cabs and big Chateauneufs. They just resonated with my palate. As I got older, I started to look more for subtlety, mouthfeel, nuance, elegance and aromas.

Last year one of our most successful offers was a rare vertical of Trevallon, the jewel of Provence, and one of the most unique, age worthy wines in all of France. We had a few reds in that offer but the centerpiece was the white vertical which you just don't see anywhere. Today I have another vertical of Trevallon but there is a catch. The offer closes Saturday at noon EST. This is a less than 24 hour offer.

After looking back at all Mosel vintages since 2001 up to the current 2014 vintage I have to say, leaving 2001 out of the discussion, that 2008 is by far my favorite. I'm not saying I don't like the

other vintages but what I am saying I will choose the 2008 all day if you give me a vertical from any notable producer in the Mosel. It is kind of sad that this is my favorite as it is more of a statement on how different Mosel wine is now that it was in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Even the 90's.

I hope many of you have opened the 2013 Baron l'Ecluse Côte de Brouilly "CuveeOzzie" and seen

what a brilliant bottle of Cru Beaujolais that is. This is an up and coming estate making extremely high quality Cote de Broully. Unlike many of the hot young stars of Beaujolais, the wines are still incredibly inexpensive (in my model)  The 2013 has beautiful fruit but it takes 3-4 hours open to get there. It had those utterly classic Côte de Brouilly tannins that are firm yet suave.

Julien Cruchandeau is an incredibly talented winemaker and makes delicious reds and whites in a

beautiful, precise elegant style with amazingly fine tannins. I've never expressed it in an email before but I believe Julien is even more talented at making white wines than at reds. He just has not had the terroir to show off his amazing skill sets. All any of you who have tasted his Aligote, can attest that his version is a stunning example of Bouzeron.

You Asked for Three Times as Much as I Bought Last Time So I Got Some More Of

The Rose That Can Be the Wine of the Night

Brilliant Pinot Noir Fruit, Wonderful Salinity, Minerality and Freshness

What You Want in a Glass

Again, I won't disturb you on a Saturday unless I've got something really good. And boy do I.

One of the most oversubscribed emails that we've have had in the short history of this company was for the vertical of Francois Cotat Sancerre Rose.

2012 is a vintage that we will talk about with our children and grandchildren. And Pascal Bouley is a  The offer is a 3 pack of two 2012 Pascal Bouley Volnay 1er Cru "Champans" and one 2012 Pascal Bouley Volnay 1er Cru "Les Grands Champs"

stunningly talented producer.  The 2012s are almost gone and I am offering this before the timer on my small allocation runs out. I know that you are sipping Sancerre in the 90 degree heat but please do not miss out on this if you like Red Burgundy.

for $136.

This year was the first time I visited one of my bucket list estates. It was Bernard and Fabrice Gripa

and it was a cold morning in late February. Another example of a winery I've loved so much but

really failed to fully understand until I visited, talked and tasted with Fabrice in the cellar. We tasted young and old and talked winemaking, vintages, terroir and style. It was an absolutely terrific visit.