One of my favorite things to do when I am in the Northern Rhone is taste with the Greek aka Georges

Lelektsoglou at his store with him and his son Charlie. George is the King of the Rhone, the first retailer to sell pretty much every famous wine from the Rhone.  He is a legend among the producers there.

One of the things George is the most proud of and is also the most secretive about are his sources for his cuvees that fall under the name Compagnie l'Hermitage, which is the name of his store. He knows everyone and anyone in the Rhone and has only the best sources for his vineyards and fruit for cuvees he puts his name or his store's name on. He's been tasting the best wines from the region every year for decades and knows exactly where to get the absolutely best fruit.

Pommard and Volnay's Neighbor Monthelie - Garaudet Eliminates the Gap

A Clos de Chenes Neighbor that could be Clos de Chenes Blind!

And a Village Monthelie  that is Darned Near Brilliant

Remember when I said that Thomas Bouley was a star and his wines would soon explode in price? And they did.

Remember when I said that Julien Cruchandeau was a star and his wines would soon explode in price?  And they did.

Oddly Enough, Bordeuax's Murky Classification System Makes it Possible to Find Great Values - This Wine is a SICK Value

From the Land of Haut-Brion, Pessac-Leognan

Terrifically Fresh and Aromatic

Ready to Drink But will Last for 10-15 Years

I don't offer many Bordeaux because I'm generally not a fan.  But when I sell Bordeaux, it is an

exceptional value. At the high end, Bordeaux does a pretty good job of classifying wines.  And we all know the big boys.

OK, first, I know that Richnicity is not a word.  I made it up because I needed something to describe

the wines of Marie Demets.  These are not typical Champagnes for sure.  Why? Because they have incredible richness and fruit along with perfect acid and mineral balance.  They are not sweet but are not austere either.  They are from the Aube, about an hour and a half South of Reims where it's a bit warmer and the grapes actually ripen giving the wines richnicity.

Since the crushing of the first grape to make wine in 5400 BC, wine drinkers have been debating the

greatest wine in the world.  Today, Fass Selections is proud to announce the solution to put a final end this debate, the Wine-Al Four.  64 categories will compete in a no holds barred tournament, hosted on Facebook and Twitter, for the votes of wine lovers everywhere.  The winner, and unquestioned greatest wine of all time, will be announced at the end of this tournament.

There is not a more high quality under the radar producer of Côte-Rotie out there.  Those in the know in the Northern Rhone know that Billon is one of the great classical winemakers in the region.  The

wine world is a very wacky place and I have no idea how such a great producer such as Christophe Billon gets so overlooked in the States, but he does and that is to your and my advantage.  I cut my teeth on Cote Rotie.

I never know what to write when I sit down to write an email on the wines of Gilles Berlioz. Like

Müllen, Weltner and some others they have an almost devout cult-like following. There's a reason.

As most of you know, we recently launched our Italian portfolio (E-Mail me if you didn't get the Barolo offer).  Every country in the Fass Selections Portfolio has its winemaker who is phenomenally talented, but who is also making wine that is not only incredible but also so different that you sit there trying to figure out what the heck it is that you are drinking.  In Italy, it's Tenuta Grillo.

First, I really do not care for most Italian white wine.

It's like clockwork. A few weeks after the shipments go out and people start tasting through their deliveries someone will open an old bottle of Martin Müllen and get blown away. Then an excited email will come in with glowing reviews of the old Müllen bottle. And then I go into my speech. What is this speech you may ask? It's quite simple.

Perhaps the Greatest Pinot Noir Vineyard in Germany

Furst Hundstruck Goes for $130 per Bottle (It's Worth It)

Christoff Walter Works Next to Him all Day - His 2011 Is $47.99

A Value Like Buying High End Burgundy 50 Years Ago

Hundstruck. Just say it out loud with authority.  Hoonds Troock. Even the name has a power, an

innate force about it.  The Germans are a people that do not lightly flout authority, even if they disagree with it.  They even follow the speed limit.