There are approximately 1,000 producers in Barolo and Barbaresco. Most of them are not very good.Any many of the good ones are small and have no marketing budget. You taste a lot of mediocre wines and then all of a sudden you are plastered in the face with something that is so incredibly stunning that all of the swill becomes worth it. Rattalino is a small (4,000 cases) producer in the Langhe that makes incredible, incredible wine. I was turned on to them by one of the top US-based writers about Italian wine, Tom Hyland, who is a fan.

The first wine today is a wine that if you love Barbaresco it is something you need to try. We are offering the 2010 Massimo Rattalino Barbaresco Quarantacinque (45) Riserva for $59.99 each on a 3 pack. This wine is simply incredible.

There are people ahead of the curve and then there is the wonder that is Martin Zwick. He leaves the

curve in the dust. He is in a way "the German Greek" (named by me after the famous Greek in the Northern Rhone that is arguably the top expert on Rhone wines).  He does not own a store, but Martin is a passionate collector and German wine insider who lives in Berlin and has been an inspiration to me when it comes to championing young producers in Germany.

Sylvain Gauthier started out selling great wines for the cost of everyday wines.  And he's been very

successful.  But he's decided to make two cuvees that really allow him to strut his stuff.  There are no Grand or Premier Crus in the Rhone but those in the know, know the great vineyards and these wines are made from two incredible vineyards allowing young Sylvain to show what he can do with elite material.  The prices are still well in the middle of the range for St.

Aeons past, a long, long time ago (around 10-15 years) St. Joseph was an unheard of region and values abounded.  In the know wine geeks stocked up on Gonon.  Even more in the know wine geeks stocked up on old Trollat or drank from their cellars which had some Faurie, Perret and Gripa in them. The world has changed.  The wine public, which formerly thought that St. Joseph was a backwater region known for rustic wines, is now collecting them with abandon and driving up prices.

In Burgundy, every estate has a signature wine. Sometimes it is expensive and sometime it is medium priced and sometimes it is a terrific value. So what is a signature wine? It's a wine, in my estimation, that cannot be reproduced at any other address in all of Burgundy. The combo of terroir and winemaking (vintage is irrelevant for signature wines as these wines are terrific every year as usual the terroir is notable) makes these wines distinctive and unique.

It is with deep sadness and regret to announce that today's wine, the 2015 Gilles Berlioz (Domaine de la Partage) Chez l'Odette Chignin, which can be had for as little as $27.99 a bottle on the 4-pack is the last ever vintage for this wine. Gilles told me on my recent trip to France that the parcel is too hard to farm because it is too steep. We visited the parcel and I could not even imagine for 1/10th of a second farming this parcel.

This is the beginning of madness as I call it, as no producer in the entire portfolio has such a devoted

following than Enderle & Moll. The 2015s of Enderle and Moll begin here and because 2015 is such an exalted vintage, (Sven says it is the best they have ever made) I will try and offer all the wines I can. We start with the whites. And what whites they are. There is nothing like them in Germany. Not even close. I sold all except one last year and this year that will not happen.

Most wine lovers know that the German wine schools have been pumping out great makers or

Riesling like cars from a factory.  The Germans have figured out how to make great riesling.

Pinot Noir was always the weak link. The Germans have the terroir but, outside of a few examples, have lacked the knowledge to make consistently great Pinot Noir.  It’s not that easy.  Making great pinot noir requires an understanding of how to use wood.  And that is tricky.

One can forget things when one writes over 250 email offers a year. The emails and texts started

coming a few months ago. Usually late at night and usually when the client had finished the bottle. I'll quickly summarize them below.

This stuff is stunning. Can you get more? This is like Krug This is like Bollinger RD This is as perfect a Champagne as I've ever had. 

Usually that hyperbole is what you read in these email offers. It was nice hearing it frommy clients.

I did a Radio Interview last week on the Heritage Radio Network with my old friend Joey Campanale and it was a blast. Give it a listen.