Global warming has completely changed the ballgame in Piedmont.  And a lot of what we all think we know simply isn’t true any more. Temperatures are hotter and Langhe wines are increasingly pushing the boundaries of fruit and alcohol concentration where balanced, aromatic wines are possible.  After 2 years of research into building our Italian portfolio, it’s pretty clear. There are a lot of overripe, stewy alcoholic (and expensive) messes being marketed as Barolo and Barbaresco. These are not your father’s aromatic wines.  

Given the increasingly stratospheric prices of Barolo and Barbaresco, Nebbiolo buyers need to rethink how they approach their portfolios.

Increasing Alcohol and Fruit

In the old days, nebbiolo struggled to get ripe.

The Concentration In This Wine Is Perhaps the Greatest in Germany

- On a Par with Any Red Wine I Sell

Furst Hundstruck Goes for $130 per Bottle and (It's Worth It)

- Christoff Walter Works Next to Him all Day - His Is $49.99

A Value Like Buying High End Burgundy 50 Years Ago

Hundstruck. Just say it out loud with authority.  Hoonds Troock. Even the name has a power, an innate force about it. The Germans are a people that do not lightly flout authority, even if they

disagree with it.

Sorry for the brevity of this offer (and any typoes) but VinItaly just took place and I was informed that this wine is almost sold out.  I really, really, really don't want you to miss this wine.

You have all heard the story of Rattalino.  A micro production winery that is starting to get some buzz and the wines are incredible.  They are still incredibly underpriced.

There are approximately 1,000 producers in Barolo and Barbaresco.

Before I I start, I'd like to give a brief summary of St. Joseph.  First, it is very large andthere is a ton of mediocre wines.  There are two very important areas:

- Mauves - Chave and Gripa are here.  The wines are more dark, brooding, mineral and need much more time to open up but age wonderfully.  Think Chambertin.

- St. Epine - Gonon and Trollat (as well as today's offer Sylvain Gauthier) are here.

The Passion Project of One of Burgundy's Top Young Winemakers

- Grapes Selected from a Unique MicroParcel

- Aged in a Special Barrel (only 2,000 Made)

Plus the Chardonnay that Is His Calling Card and Made Him Famous

(Don't Sleep on the Aligote from Pugliny Terroir - How Could You?)

Florent Garaudet is an amazing winemaker. I hate the word amazing but he truly is. He makes very

special wines.

I look at some of my young guns like I look at the Mets pitching staff. The Mets have potentially a historical 5-man starting rotation. They can only afford them because they are all very young and young pitchers in the majors are seriously underpaid compared to their performance. Andi Schneider of the family run winery K.H. Schneider, is like my DeGrom in that metaphor. He is just starting to discover his dominance since the 2011 vintage.

What Do You Get When You Combine 

- Great Brunello Terroir 

- Incredible Small Production Winery

- Vintage of the Decade?

You Get a Wine That You Need to Have if You Like Brunello

(Don't Sleep on the Rosso - It's Incredible)

Man did Fass Selections hit the absolute jackpot in Montalcino.

One thing I noticed during the sale before the ship is that the top requests I got was people wanting to

try the wines of Gilles Berlioz, my madman genius from the Savoie. I do well with his offers but it was impossible not to notice how gung ho and amped people were to try these wines. I'll confess of all the categories I buy extra for the pre-ship sale, Savoie wines were not at the top.  That will change.

I've never opened a Berlioz wine and not been blow away. Blown away.

Welcome to the Cult of Fruhburgunder

- Per Bottle Sold, The Most E-Mails I Received Last Year

- A Unique Expression of Pinot Noir with Insane Aromatics

- From One of My Favorite Vineyards (Centgrafenberg)

- You Can Out Geek Allen Meadows with This

Plus a Few Cases of "Grand Cru"/GG Sylvaner 

- Also from Centrafenberg

- Incredible Complexity

- One of Our Most Interesting Whites

- For  Some Reason Under $22

I first tasted Fruhburgunder at the iconic Fuerst winery in Franken about 10 year

This is how it happens.

This is how young stars in Burgundy make their mark.

Vincent Ledy made his bones in the relatively humble appellations of Savigny and Chorey les Beaune.  He used his  newfound status to get 1er Cru terroir in Nuits St.  Georges.  And now he is making some incredible wine in Nuits.  How?  Hard work, all day, every day.Vincent is my most serious Burgundian winemaker.  He's in the vineyards every day working to get the best possible fruit from every vine.