A chef in a small town called Roses in Spain taught us that genius knows not of geography. That human talent is the scarcest and most valuable commodity on the planet. And that it must be revered and nurtured and that it will sustain and nurture us in return. Please forget that these wines are not of the Rheinhessen, Nahe or the Mosel. Please remember that great winemakers make great wines. 

I was hanging out the other night with a friend and client and was asking him about the wines he had and liked from Fass Selections. This guy has a serious palate and knows wine. So I was curious what he thought of what he had. Of all the things he had, he said the Paul Weltner Riesling Hohleite GG was maybe the best Riesling he has ever drunk.

I believe this will be on the last few 2014's that I will offer. As the old saying goes I have saved Today I am proud to offer the 2014 Baron de l'Ecluse Côte de Brouilly for as little as $31.99 a bottle on a 4-pack.

Where the Great Young Winemakers Can Afford Vineyards in Piedmont

Perhaps the Greatest Under $30 Value Wines in Our Italy Portfolio, Maybe the Whole Portfolio

17-20 HL/HA Yields (Almost Lalou Levels) - Only 300 Cases Each 

Bramaterra As Good as Very Good Barbaresco at One-Third the Price

If One Could Liquify the Concept of Fass Selections, It's These Wines

Micro Production, First Time in America

Holy Trinity: Great Terroir, Great Winemaker, Unknown Winemaker in a lesser Known Region ...

I have to start this email on a somber note. Florent got destroyed in 2016 from hail and bad weather

and his crop will be very, very small. He has had to work extra hard with what little he has left and I could tell from his emails he was a man that was despondent and had much taken away from him by the force that he cannot control, which is Mother Nature.

Why Do We Drink So Much Chardonnay?

Because It Was Always Good

Savoie Comes Out of the Cold 

Master Po: Close your eyes. What do you hear?

Young Caine: I hear the water, I hear the birds.

Po: Do you hear your own heartbeat?

Caine: No.







Kastanienbusch is one of my favorite vineyards in the world (and 2015 is an incredible vintage in The 2015 Sven Klundt Riesling "Kastanienbusch" is from the exact same Grand Cru vineyard as Rebholz and it's $29.99 a bottle on a 4-pack.  Klundt's wines leap from the glass like an explosion of minerals.  Great Pfalz wine is unlike that from other regions in Germany.  And Klundt's style perfectly expresses it.

So I’ve written before that unicorn wines are for suckers.  These are typically wines that are

fairly small production and hard to get that are blasted with the full fire hose of hype by

hipster somms, among others.  By the time they are unicorn wines, the massive spike in

demand combined with the small fixed supply has caused prices to skyrocket, often well

beyond prices that could be justified by the inherent quality of the wine.

Where else can you find delicious under $35 dollar Champagne? You can't! Marie Demets is located

in the Aube which is in the South of Champagne and as such, the weather is hotter, the grapes get riper and the wines are fruitier.  These are not acid-driven Champagnes but more balanced and well honestly, just delicious.  You can't help but smile when you have one.  They are some of the best value Champagnes I have ever tasted. They are incredibly delicate, fine and precise.

This, this right here, this is the email I have been waiting to write since I got back from France

towards the end of March. I've been writing it in my head for months but hadn't had a wine to sell that could justify me going "all in" quit yet on the 2015 Northern Rhone vintage. I've had some whites to sell, and man they are great, and a few early release reds that are bottled early to get over here for the Fall so everyone could at least have a taste of what is to come.

The Loire Valley is a large and complex wine region with many styles and many great producers but also a higher proportion of bad producers than any other French wine region. Bordeaux and Languedoc are the same. Lots of good wine and lots of bad wine. Well through this list, I hope I can help. These top 10 lists are 100% what I would drink, as what I would drink is a good gauge as I am super serious about it and quality is everything to me. Over trends, over price, over anything.