Mario Mazzitelli, The Genius Winemaker Who Will Change Everything

- One Salesman Has Them in 15 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Italy

- ...Including Seta (**) Perhaps the Top Restaurant in Milan

- Trained at 2 of the Top Wineries in Italy

- I'm Way Ahead of the Curve Here But Lunarossa Is Becoming the Darling of the Top Sommeliers in Italy

- The Pricing on These Wines Is The Lowest I've Seen for World Class Wines

2015 Lunarossa Quartara

- Monstrous Density and Concentration

- The Palate Impact of Hermitage or Corton Charlemagne

- Terrific Minerality, Fassy Juiciness

- So Much Going on, It's Almost Alive on the Palate

- At a Minimum, This Is Remarkable Wine, It May Be Better  than That with Age

- The Chance for the Rest of Us to Try World Class Wine for $32.99

2012 Lunarossa Bo

So Perfectly Well Made They Are Almost Zen

Pico Production - No One Not on the List Will Have These

2016 J.J. Morel St. Aubin "Traversaine"

- Brilliantly Pure Aromatics

- Incredibly Complex

- Mouthwatering, Sappy, Dense, Profound

- 400 Bottles Made

2016 JJ Morel St. Aubin 1er Cru

- A Blend of Charmes and Chateniere

- Wonderful Sappiness and Freshness

- A Perfect Storm - Complex Yet Integrated

- 250 Bottles Made

Recently I had three semi similar experiences with the wines of J.J.

2010 Spater-Veit Spatburgunder # 1

- NSG Grit, Grip and Structure

- The Elegance, Finesse and Head Spinning Aromas of Vosne-Romanee

- Ridiculous Floral and Fruity Nose

- Ripe, Concentrated Yet Elegant, Fresh Palate

- Their Top Wine (for $34.99)

- Only Sold to Rich Germans and Me

2015 Spater-Veit Rotwein

- A Big Fat Kiss of Pinot Noir

- $17.99 Each on 4 Plus Case Pricing (Party Wine)

- Delicious Fruit, Amazing Freshness

- What You Want After a Bad Day

I think that Niklas Welter might

As Beautiful an Expression of Sangiovese as Brunello

- Just Very Different from Tuscany

Gabriele Succi

- In the Vineyards - A True Master Winemaker

- Traditional Winemaking

- The Terroir Shines Through Like a Laser at Midnight

2014 GS

- The Naked Soul of Sangiovese

- The Aromatics, Flavors and Balance without the Weight

- The Ultimate Expression of a Unique Style

2016 Assiolo

- The Delicious Baby Brother

- Crazy Well Made and a Real Outlier at This Price ($19.99)

- Fresh Perfect Che

2015 Michelle Luyton Hermitage "Allegresse"

- An Affordable Taste of What the "Other Half" Drinks

- Aromatics Are Almost Super Terroir

- The Depth of Fruit is Unconscious

- Nose: Pepper, Meaty, Leather, Earth and Herbal 

- Deep, Deep Blackberry 

- Structured with Incredible Length

- Will Last 2-3 Decades

- Only 150 Bottles Available

The great hill of Hermitage is about as impressive and awe-inspiring as any great place in the world.

Kai Schatzel Now Has 3 Auction Only Wines

- His Prices Are Going to Be Among the Highest in Germany

The Newborn Kabinett Religeon

- Kai's Kabinetts Are So Popular the Top 2 Are Auction Only

- He's Famous for them; 50% of His Production Is Kabinett

- Possibly the Greatest Llineup of Kabinetts in Germany

2017 Schätzel Nierstein Kabinett

- The Platonic Ideal of Fruity Kabinett

- Citrus But Balanced with Great Acidity and Minerality 

2016 Schätzel Niersteiner Hipping Kabinett

- One of the

6 Questions used to be a regular feature that I used to adore reading in the Sunday NY Times Magazine.  Now I want to bring the format to Fass Selections by featuring our favorite wine producers and their candid responses to questions. I love this format as it extends beyond the traditional wine questions and shows am irreverent human side to all the people I work with and work with us.

Can't Miss 2016 Vintage

Young Superstar Coming in to His Own

- Still Very Inexpensive Direct from the Winery Prices

2016 Pierrick Bouley Volnay 1er Cru "Clos des Chenes"

- Amazing Clos de Chenes for $59.99

- Ridiculous, Classic Floral Nose

- Wall of Flavor on the Palate

2016 Pierrick Bouley Volnay 1er Cru "Robardelle"

- Crazy Low Yields (8 HL/HA)

- Mega, Mega Deep Nose - a Knockout

- Intense Palate with Nuclear Levels of Fruit

- Old Vines, Tiny Berries

- A Collector's Dream

- $56.99

Our New Mosel Region

- Impossible to Work 70 Degree Slopes

- Wines of Brilliant Minerality, Clarity and Precision

- Super Small Production

- Like Nothing Else in the Portfolio

Two Brilliant Young Winemakers, Artists, on Their Own Path 

2016 Materne & Schmitt Winninger Hamm Riesling Trocken

- Intense and Majestic

- Slatey Minerality That Is Almost Spicy

- Citrus Fruit and Richness

- Insane Balance - Just a Brilliantly Well Made Wine

- A Wine of Contemplation that Will Improve with Age