I have been working with Battenfeld Spanier now for 5 vintages. I started with them with the beautiful 2012 vintage. Now today I offer the first 2016 Grosses Gewachs and it seemed like a good

time to reflect. Each vintage I have worked with them has been ridiculously special for its own reason. But one thing is that now vs. when I started with them, they are firmly in the conversation as the top estate in the Germany. H.O. is getting better and better as a winemaker and is exhibiting a new level of mastery that was not there with the earlier vintages. With 15 and 16 there is more precision, refinement, finesse and even more of a rock/soil imprint. I think that as good as they were previously, the Battenfeld Spanier wines have taken a significant step forward with 15 and now with 16.

Caillez-Lemaire "Pur Meunier"

- 80 Cases Made - A Unicorn Among Unicorns

- Pretty Much a "Friends and Famly Only" Wine

- Reminds Me of Top Prevost Bottlings

The 2008 Jadis Is Insane

- There Is No Champagne Like This for $54.99

- As Dense and Complex  As Joyce's Ulysses

- Grand Cru Levels of Aromatics, Density and Balance

We all know that they drink a lot of Champagne in heaven.  After all ... it's heaven.

The Structure of Garaudet Crossed with the Freshness of Herve Murat

1er Cru Volnay Taillpieds 

- Only Around 200 Bottles Made

- 75+ Year Old Vines

- Gorgeous Fruit But Such Volnay Elegance

1er Cru Monthelie

- Off the Charts Fresh Fruit Intensity

- Remarkable Aromatics

I love selling the wines of new producers.  The first sip is so incredibly exciting.  Sort of like seeing a

new play or the first movie from a new director.

There are many winemakers that are genius' but there is only one Paul Weltner making the wine that

he is making. This is the 5th vintage I have worked with this mad genius and his wines get better and better. I've gotten so many emails from seasoned wine drinkers that are just blown away by the high quality and distinctiveness of Paul's wines.

The Most Elegant Producer of Morgon's Gang of Four

His Best Wine - a Premium Cru Beaujolais (See Below)

- 90+ Year Old Vines

- The Regular Cuvee Got 94 Points in 2015, This is A Huge Step Up

- One of the Great Wines of Beaujolais and one of the TOP 15's

We have all heard of Foillard and Lapierre as they are the most well known of the Gang of Four,

Kermit Lynch's name for four Morgon producers who decided to go against the industrialization and homogenization of the Beaujolais region's wine

The Great Debate: 2015 or 2016 for Northern Rhone Reds

2015 Will Be the Vintage of the Century for Most...

2016 Has Fruit- It's About the Naked Expression of Terroir

- Balance, Aromatics 

- It Will Get Some Votes Over 2015

These St.

Two of the Most Underpriced Wines in My Portfolio

As Beautiful an Expression of Sangiovese and Brunello - Just Very Different

Gabriele Succi

- In the Vineyards So Much, It's Unclear if He Owns a House

- A True Master Winemaker

If There is a More Perfect Sangiovese Than the GS 12/13, I've Not Had It

- The Naked Soul of Sangiovese

- The Aromatics, Flavors and Balance without the Weight

- The Ultimate Expression of a Unique Style

Assiolo 2015

- The Delicious Baby Brother

- A Remarkable W

I think that Niklas Welter might be the greatest red wine talent in Germany that no one knows about.

It's because his estate, Spater-Veit is famous for its fantastic Rieslings from Piesport. But the people in the know know that German Pinot Noir is the biggest thing going now and the value is ridiculous as not many people are making high quality German Pinot Noir. But quietly Niklas Welter is killing it in Piesport making small batch Pinot Noir from revered sites usually saved for Riesling.

I Hit the MotherLode: JanotsBos Is Going to Blow You All Away

- Winemaker Worked at Comte Lafon

- Wines Have Incredible Depth and Concentration

- Yet They Are So Balanced

- These Are What White Burgundy Should Be

Bourgogne Blanc

- From Puligny and Meursault Terroir

- Blind Tastes Like a Village or 1er Cru

- One of the Great Bourgogne Blancs

- A Steal at $24.99 ($22.99 Case Pricing)

Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru "Morgeot"

- Opulent, But an Opulence That Is Beseiged by Complexity

- A Fa

Kai Schätzel: Martin Muellen meets Hofgut Falkenstein meets Emrich Schonleber

Pettenthal GG!

- One of the Top Vineyards in Germany 

- One of the Most Unique Wines in Europe 

- Flat Out Beautiful: Herbal, Mineral An Olfactory Overload 

- This Will Be a Recognized German Collectable Within 5 Years 

- Wine Advocate's Reinhardt (Good Palate) Gives It 94 Points

(This is the same score as Keller's 14 Pettenthal Which Costs $175 AND you cannot find that wine)

Plus One of His Legendary Kabinetts