Almost no one has heard of Christoph Walter except for his colleagues in Franken and the top restaurants that carry his wines (including the Michelin one star where I ate on my most recent trip) He has a small estate (3.5 hectares - that's Willi Schaefer small) in the small town of Burgstadt.  I mean don't blink when you drive through it or you'll miss it small. His winery used to be almost

totally inaccessible.  As a result he sells the most underpriced high end red wines I've had in a long time. Maybe ever.  These wines are from one of my favorite vineyards the spectacular Grand Cru (German Grosses Gewachs) Centgrafenberg.  You know how I often say that my producers make great wine from lesser terroir?   Yeah.  Not this guy. He's making awesome wine from a terrific vineyard.

There is no doubt that global temperatures have risen over their averages in the 1940-1980 period.  I offer no explanation for this, no recommendations and no predictions as to future (I’m a wine importer, not a politician or scientist).  But this increase in temperature has had a profound impact on the wine world.

What has been discussed is the impact on well recognized wine regions.  Burgundy, for example has far fewer years where it struggles to attain sufficient ripeness.

I've been trying to offer this wine for over a year but George wouldn't sell it to me. He can and does sell it all in France. Finally, after our last big order, he relented.  This is another private label wine

from the top wine retailer in the Northern Rhone.  The "Greek," as everyone calls him, has been the first retailer to sell most of the big Rhone stars we all know today.  I call him the Kingmaker because you know when you've arrived if your wines are sold in his store.

2008 and 2002 are my two favorite Sancerre vintages of the "aughts" with 2014/2010 my favorite of the current decade. Today I have access to some of the rarest wines I have ever offered. They are from two of the aforementioned vintages, 2008 and 2002. They are from that great slice of Sancerre called Chavignol and they are made by one of the greatest winemakers in all of France, Francois


If the Cuvee Paul is a Maybach, the Cuvee Clement is a 1964 Ferrari 250LM.

As we all know many wines and perhaps most fine wines are not ready to drink when bottled. As a

wine professional this is not a problem for me insofar as my drinking habits are concerned. I always have several bottles open at once and if a wine needs more time I just recork it and try it again in an hour or a day.

Of course, I know that this is not how most people consume wine. I get the sense that a decent number pick a wine and let it breathe for 30 minutes before the meal.

I was going to do two separate Remi Poisot offers this year but he got so affected by the hail of 2013 that my allocations were so small that I had to lump them all together and make it one large e-mail. I

didn't even get any St. Aubin 1er Cru in 2013! Aloxe-Corton had it rough in 2013 from mother nature's wrath for sure. But what remained after the awful hail storm was nothing short of sensational and I am thrilled to offer Remi's brilliant 2013 collection.

Most people never get the chance to drink Grand Cru Red Burgundy.  You have Chablisfor white Burg and some of the Grand Crus are more affordable but on the red side, you rapidly get into millionaire-land.  For some reason, that offends me at some level. I want all of my customers to be able to afford to taste the greatness of Grand Cru Red Burgundy once a year.  Just so that they can see what great red Burgundy can be.

You may not know it stateside as the wine hipsters and somms have not anointed it......yet,  but Today I can offer the 2014 K.H Schneider Sauvignon Blanc Trocken for as little as 21.99 a bottle on a 4-pack. 

Sauvignon Blanc is a big deal in Germany. It is typically the first wine to sell out at a winery and sometimes it can be more expensive than fantastic village Rieslings. Having said that all of it is not successful and definitely falls into the 95-5 rule of appreciating anything.

I don't sell much Bordeaux, but when I do, I mean it. 

"From vintage to vintage, Samion gets better and this 2012 possess a great precision in its aromatic profile as well as its structure, and its silky texture says the rest." - Revue de Vin de France

I rarely sell Bordeaux, I rarely re-offer wine, but the 2012 Samion and the 2012 Vieux Chateau St.

Andre are too good to pass up. With '13 being not the best vintage for Bordeaux, I had this allocation tucked away for a rainy day.

About 25 years ago the streets of the East Village of New York were littered with needles and no o ne in their right mind would go there.  Then the artists and some brave restaurant owners moved in, made it safe and now it's a hot, hip neighborhood. So it goes.  It's the same with wine.

St. Joseph was demeaned as "rustic" and now it's the hottest new region and getting pricey so I've found the new St. Joseph.