To help prepare for this E-Mail, I opened a bottle of Florent's 2012 Meursault, intending to drink a

glass or two to get a sense of how the wine was developing.  The wine was pure magic.  Pure fruit with acidity that danced on the palate with it and kept up. After 10 seconds, the secondary flavors came to the fore and migrated to a stunning finish.  I could not stop drinking it.

I've drunk a lot of new growers and introduced a lot of them to American retail.  I've learned to tell what young greatness in a winemaker tastes like.  The wines are just way more intense, better and complex than other wines in the same category.  Florent Garaudet just has IT.  I wish that I could do a better job of explaining it but I can't.

I know why the wines are great.

Aged Mosel Riesling: Hard to Find, The Perfect End for Any Meal From  Martin Muellen, Direct from the Cellar: 2001 and 1993

So it's Wednesday and after some Coulanges la Vineuse, Chignin and St. Peray Blanc, we are arriving back in Germany. What's funny is that 10 years ago this offer would have been a main front

and center Tuesday/Thursday offer.

If I had told you twenty years ago that St. Joseph would be the next big thing, you would have said

that I was nuts.  And today, people are chasing Gonon and Gripa and Chave is making wine there and prices are increasing by double digits every year.

The truth is that most of the AOCs have a good amount of land and there is great terroir in many of them that can be exploited by great winemakers.

If there is one thing that I love about having and running Fass Selections is that I never have stopped

learning about wine. Learning was always going to be a part of whatever career I decided on as because early on I was obviously obsessed with attaining knowledge and perhaps even more obsessed with sharing it. Before wine it was going to be art history, selling and extolling the virtues of some unknown Renaissance painter.

There are a ton of producers, even in Burgundy, who are producing incredible wine, yet no one in the States has ever heard of them.


They're too small.

By the time an importer has paid all of the up front costs of getting distributors and retailers excited

about the wines (tastings, dinners, samples, salespeople, etc.), there isn't enough to sell to recoup their investment.

Many of you have heard of the famous Kastanienbusch vineyard, the site of Rebholz's world famous Grosses Gewachs.  To be a Grosses Gewachs, among other things, your wine must be from a select

group of vineyards.  What many people don't know is that you must also pay dues to an industry organization called the VDP.  If you are not a member of the VDP, your wines cost a lot less even if they are extraordinary and from the same sites as VDP members.

Sometimes in this business you can plan everything out up until a Guiberteau offer comes across your desk. I have had the word out for a long time I am looking for Guiberteau at fair pricing and in somewhat decent quantities so I piss off the least amount of people possible. I had another offer ready to queue up for today but then this offer, from the hottest white wine producer in the Loire passed into my mailbox and I bought it 4 minutes later.

So you all know that I added several top Champagne producers on my last trip.  I offered the top wine of Brice (2008 Bouzy Brut) a couple of months ago.  It was an incredible value at $49.99

(comparable wines go for $80-$120) but was still above the price range of some customers.  So I decided to offer another wine from Brice at a lower price point. Today's wine is a stunning value at $39.99 (comparable wines go for $45-$95).

Thierry Germain is an uncompromising and very passionate winemaker and is the next big star to come out of Saumur.  He is the only Loire winemaker (other than Rougeard) to have 3 stars in the Revenue de France.  His whites and reds are equally as good and he makes multiple cuvees of what I like to call "Cheniesling" as these are the most Rieslingesque wines out there that are not made from Riesling.

Jean-Claude Berrouet was the winemaker at Château Petrus for over 40 years. He also worked at

Dominus. The word "legend," while accurate, is too quotidien to do him justice. He is certainly one of the most important winemakers of this century. His style focuses on allowing terroir to express itself and he creates wines of supreme balance.