Some of the Most Mineral-Driven Bordeaux I Have Ever Had

Our Most Popular Bordeaux Wines by Far

2015 is Such a Great Vintage - It Allies Finesse, Power and Freshness

These Wines Have the Balance and Minerality We Love in Other Regions

Under $27 and Under $20 - Incredible Values

I think of all the regions where I have carefully put together a small cadre of growers Bordeaux is

what I'm most proud of. There is not a ton of Bordeuax love on my list so I offer very few wines but the ones I do offer, I really love.

Bordeaux has the most growers of any wine region in France. There are 50-60 estates  everyone knows and always sell. I don't mess with them as the price competition is too intense and I don't want to fall into the "me too" trap; that's not my role in the wine world.

Trarbacher Huhnerberg Spatlese Trocken * "3te Terrase"

- So Special in 2015, They Created a New Dry Wine

- A Level of Refinement I've only Gotten from Keller or Roulot

- 95 Points from Wine Advocate's Stingy Stephan Rheinhardt 

2015 Martin Müllen Riesling Trocken "Revival"

- Under $23 (with Case Pricing)

- Ready to Drink Now

- 92 Points from Mosel Fine Wine AND Vinous

Martin Müllen's wines have always been incredibly, incredibly good.  Top 10 in Germany, for dry wines, without a doubt.

2013 Barolo

- Akin to 2015 Northern Rhone Quality Wise

- Incredible Fruit Density with a Cornucopia of Aromatics

- It's So Good I Want You to Own a Ton of This (Case Pricing at $34.99)

2016 Dolcetto

- Classic Dolcetto 

- Huge Fruit But also Chewy, Juicy and Balanced

There are two expressions in Italian that really can summarize my whole experience at the winery of Tomaso Gianolio in Fossano, Piedmont. 

The first one revolves around me not being that hungry at our appointment.

What Do You Do When You Have a Very Small Quantity of a Very Desirable Wine?

-  Offer It on a Saturday Night When Almost No One is Paying Attention, of Course

- If You Are Reading This,  Congratulations, You Just Won the Lottery

Centgrafenberg - One of the Top Red Wine Vineyards in Germany

AGED and MATURE Fruhburgunder: Geek  Nirvana Grape (Early Ripening Pinot Noir)

Insane, Insane Levels of Spice and Aromatics and Delicious Fruit

If You Want Some, Hit Reply Fast

This year, alas, I was no

2015 Volnay 1er Cru Monopole "Les Grands Champs"

- As Good, If Not Better, Than Their Clos de Chenes

- A Master Class in the Elegance and Complexity of Volnay

- Will Age for 15-35 Years

2015 Village Pommard

- Delicious, Dark Fruited, Complex, Deep, Insanely Juicy and Ready to Go

- A Burghound Top Value of the Vintage!

I'm still thinking about the Pascal Bouley 2015s and in the usual humble way of the

Burgundians, young Pierrick is quoted as saying in the latest BH, "Overall, I like the v

Julien Is Getting More Famous and Has a Prestigious National Importer

Massive Losses from Weather Means This Is Our Only Red Offer

These Are Always List Favorites

- Incredible Values Under $25

- Delicious Pinots, Ready to Drink

For everyone who loves Julien Cruchandeau reds, this is your one shot at them this year as Julien

suffered severe losses with his Savigny Les Beaune, Nuits St. Georges and Ladoix. None of those are available in 2016.

2016 Hoheleite: The Best Sylvaner on Earth and the BEST Vintage Yet

- Incredible Minerality and Balance to Go with Classic Sylvaner Fruit

- The Wine That Made Him Famous

2016 Julius Echter-Berg Grand Cru Site

- Sick Premier Cru Value at Under $25

- Incredible Precision and Balance 

- Opulent, Yet Mineral and the Famous Julius Echter-Berg Aromas

If someone who loves wine and said give me the most delicious, unique, distinctive and most

importantly "Fassy" white wine I offer under $50 it w

2015 in the Rheinhessen Was a Historic Vintage

Probstey "Grand Cru"

- Among the Best Pinot Noirs I've Tasted from Anywhere in Germany

- Incredibly Hedonistic

- Deep Cherry Fruit with Incredible Detail 

- Full & Layered Aromatic Spectrum

- $42.99 for Pinot This Level of Quality Is Unheard of

Village Saulheimer Kalkstein

- Please Do Not Sleep on This Wine (Sick Value Under $25)

- Young Grapes from Grand Cru Sites

- The Power and Balance of the Grand Crus 

Imagine if you will if you were

Two Wines that Are the Product of an Absolute Genius

- Ridiculous Levels of Transparency

A Gattinara That Will Utterly Blow Your Mind

- Totally Different from Every Other Gattinara I've Had

- Remarkable Cherry Fruit and Crazy Levels of Spice

And a Spanna That Is Delicious But Also a Freak Show

- Some of the Most Complex Aromatics of Any Wine in the Portfolio

- A Fascinating Geek Wine

The first time that I had the wines of Stefano Dorelli's Cantina DelSignore, it was a previous vintage.

2016 Rheinhessen Rieslings Are Incredibly Refined, Graceful and Drinking Very Well Now


- Remarkable Aromatic Complexity

- Balanced with Controlled Depth on the Palate - Almost Alive

- One of the Great Dry Whites of Germany

"Prime" (Used to be called Prime)

- One of the Only Entry Level German Wines I Sell

- Tastes Like a Mid Tier Wine with Great Fruit and Complexity

- Stunning Value  for a Great Wine from a Top Producer

Case Pricing on Both Wines as Both Can Age a Decade or M