Making Wines this Good One Year in Ten Is Good Luck

Making them Every Year (in Burgundy) Is a Remarkable Feat

Two Wines that You Want To Buy Year In, Year Out

One thing I love to do is pick what wine I am going to drink each night. It is an arduous process

because it all depends on my mood. Also sometime I don't want to wait 5-6 hours for the wine to breathe or I don't want to deal with the 2-3 awkward phases before it comes around. I often am looking for a wine that I can PNP (pop 'n' pour) that delivers accessibility, complexity, depth and freshness. Al of these things usually are characteristics of the wines I look for to import and sell at Fass Selections so they are in most of the wines, but why I love JJ Girard, aka, Mr.

Four years back, I had a 2002 Pascal Cotat Sancerre "La Grande Cote" and it was easily the best

wine I had all of that year. This site to me is one of the great top two sites in Chavignol, that sacred hillside in Sancerre, where the most ageworthy, singular and most complex wines come from. These are still some of the greatest values for ageable white wine in the world in terms of what they are young, which is very good, to what they can be older, which is nothing short of transcendental.

There's a reason that Jancis Robinson called Enderle and Moll a "cult" producer and recommended prestigious Pinot Noir tasting as long as four years ago.

them for a

There is a reason why I have gotten dozens of positive tasting notes on this cuvee from the list.

The wines just have "It." By It, I mean a sense of focus and clarity. They hit you in the head when you drink them with a certain precision. All great wines have it: red, white, sparkling.

I like to look at myself sometimes as a bottom feeder/cherry picker when I deal with my suppliers

over seas. A lot of overseas suppliers sell a lot of big stuff like first growths, blue chip burgs, La La's and Chave. That's it, so I can swoop in and get awesome deals on awesome wines and sell them at a fair price. I have two of those today. One is a type of wine that with 350+ offers I am selling this type today for the first time.

The Protege of One of Our Favorite German Winemakers

Two Mid Tier Wines at Entry Level (Estate Wine) Prices

Christophe Licht is the protege of top scoring Mosel winemaker Stefan "spontaneous yeast or bust" Steinmetz. Christophe's note reflects his mentor's philosophy.

"Both wines are fermented and spontaneous show as your own character.

I have been loving 2013 White Burgundies from my producers and beyond and have thought it to be a terrific vintage. It did hail. I was actually in the hailstorm. It was awful. It did not hail everywhere

though and many quality minded producers were in their vineyards later that afternoon/evening and the next morning alleviating as much damage as they could. To summarize there is a lot of very good to profound white burgundy in 2013.

By now, the e-mails lauding Herve Murat's brilliant 2012's have been flooding my inbox. They are that good and lived up to my e-mails.  I recently lamented the fact that they were all gone and Herve told me that he had a small allocation of one wine (a favorite) that he was about to sell in France that

I could have if I wanted it.  I typed yes maybe quicker than I ever have.

I am thrilled to offer the Herve Murat 2012 Morey St. Denis for as little as $39.99 on a 4-pack.

Finding a new incredibly well made grower Champagne is hard.

Finding one that is also stunningly delicious is even harder.

Finding one that is incredible distinctive and will be a star is almost impossible.

Well, I hit the trifecta with Caillez-Lemaire.

Mark my words - this winery will be joining the firmament of top, rare GrowerChampagne superstars that includes Georges Laval and David Léclapart and Jerome Prevost.  It's that special and that good.

We here at Fass Selections are bullish on the wines of Maryline and Christophe Billon, but there is one undeniable fact about his Cote-Roties, and that is they are for serious cellaring. These need a lot of time to get there. When they do it is remarkable. Christophe recognizes that and that is why, in miniscule quantities he makes these two brilliant VDP Syrahs or as I like to call them the Baby Billon Fraternal twins.

One of the original first Wednesday offers was the 2013 version of today's wine. I cannot believe it

has been almost a year since we have been offering wines on Wednesdays. It's a slot reserved for the kooky, the weird, the uncategorizable, the iconoclastic, the weird grapes or winemaking styles, pretty much anything that doesn't fit anywhere else is a Wednesday wine.