One thing that I have learned since I've been traveling to the Northern Rhone is that in St.Joseph there

are many great terroirs and the differences between them are as vast as the difference between a Gevrey-Chambertin  and a Chambolle-Musigny. For example everyone says Gonon is the best St. Joseph. It is one of the tops for sure and it is surely the top in St. Epine, where the vines are located. I also happen to believe that Fabrice Gripa is also making the best St Joseph, albeit in a different style and from different terroir located in Mauves.

The quality is second to none. Gonon, seems to me, more red fruited, more feminine and will age a bit less than Gripa. Gripa, on the other hand is more black fruited,  more masculine, sauvage and dark.

We all know the Greek, who runs the top wine store in the Rhone and who has been the first retailer to sell pretty much every top winery in the region.  We call him the King of the Rhone.  He knows all of the best plots in the entire region and makes a series of stunning wines.

This is perhaps the hardest to get and I'm thrilled to sell the 2015 Compagnie L'Hermitage Chateauneuf-du-Pape "lieu dit Pignan" for as little as $89.99 a bottle NET.

The famed Wilhelm Haag in his day had a reputation that he could crush the bones in your hands so

powerful were they from working in the vineyards for decades.  While I have a great fondness for him, I can confidently say that Motalli Renato would turn Haag's hands (or even Mike Tyson's) to dust if they went at it.  Motalli Renato has been working this brutal winemaking region for decades and these powerful hands are his badges of honor for his spectacular work over the years.

As many of you have starting tasting the 15's I have received many pleasant notes about the high quality of these 15s. Indeed the wines do equal the hype in this vintage. Maybe first time since 2001 in the Mosel or 98/08 in the Pfalz. These are legendary wines the likes we might not see again for 30+ years. You never know. Today I have a batch of Martin Müllen's spectacular 15s.

Vincent Ledy Makes One of the Best 1er Cru Nuits Around

But His Roots Are in Savigny and Chorey 

Vincent Lives in the Vineyards and Slaves Over Every Branch on Every Vine

THE best HCDN and THE best Chorey I've EVER Had 

These Wines  Show What a Master Can Do in Less Famous Terroir and Are Not to Be Missed

I am fortunate to work with some incredible winemakers in Burgundy.  And let's face it, selling great wine from Gevrey or Nuits or Volnay or Pommard is not that difficult.

The Cerebral

I love a good Brut Nature but sometimes they can be screech bombs and just brutal. Almost as bad as The NV Caillez-Lamaire Leclats Brut Nature for as little as $34.99 on a 4-pack is just a eerily beautiful and amazingly delicious wine that grabs your attention. It's complex and so dry that I would only drink it as an aperitif or with fresh oysters. Maybe some caviar. It is insanely delicate, yet penetratingly deep.

Kai Schätzel Is The New Superstar in Germany - Top 10 Producer

Kai's Cerebral,  Terroir-Manic Style Creates Silvaner Like You've Never Had Before

Awesome 2015 Plus a Perfectly Mature (Maybe Even Better??) 2012 Cellar Selection!

Right now the first two Rieslings from Kai Schätzel are on the boat and I am chomping at the bit to taste them and get them in your hands. I am ridiculously excited about them. Kai Schätzel is a top 10 Dry Riesling talent in Germany. There is no doubt about it.

I always try and rely on the most knowledgeable wine professionals in each region, where I can.  In

the Rhone, it is the Greek and in Chablis, the local expert I rely on is the owner of Au Fil du Zinc. He sold me a bottle of Fabien Dauvissat's wine and I drove over there the next day. Fabien is a genius. He works his tail off in the vineyards to create wines of sick levels of intensity.

Many of you bought our original offers of Le Macioche and the raves have been coming in ,with

good reason.  These are classic, incredibly well made Brunellos.  We've been sending your feedback to the winery and they were very pleased and asked if we'd like to offer some of the 2007 from their cellar.  2007, along with 2006 and 2010 are considered the best vintages of the past decade.  And by best, I mean really incredibly good.

Only 600 Bottles of the Jaspis - It Will Vanish on Release in March

- Floral and Elegant Like Great Cote Rotie 

- Gamey, Primal and Animal Like Great Hermitage 

Plus "Gestad"

- One of the Great Syrah Values I've Sold

- You All Need to Try This

Hanspeter Ziereisen - the Da Vinci of Winemakers

Germany is not known for Syrah.  Most of Germany is much farther north than Syrah's most famous growing area (the Rhone).