The Rodney Dangerfield of AOCs No More

Garaudet's 2014 Reds Vault Monthelie to It's Proper Standing

Under $40 for Premier Crus as Good as Volnay Is Ridiculous

- This Is a "Can You Believe I Bought This at...?" Wine

- These Wines Will Not be Underpriced for Long

- Wines Like This Is Why You Are on My List

Garaudet Is on the Lips of the Top Winemakers and Taste Makers in France for a Reason

These Wines are Perfectly, Perfectly Made, Stunning, Will Last 10-20 Years

- Buy As Much As You Can Store - I'm Not Kidding

- Remember when I said that Thomas Bouley was a star and his wines would soon explode in price?

And they did.

- Remember when I said that Julien Cruchandeau was a star and his wines would soon explode in price?  And they did.

The great hill of Hermitage is about as impressive and awe-inspiring as any great place in the world.

It could theoretically be the 8th wonder of the world. It as majestic as the great pyramids and as imposing as Mt. Everest and it's not getting any bigger. That is the allure of Hermitage. It is finite. It it also expensive.  Chave/Sorrel are but a few names that can attract rabid fan bases (and stratospheric prices).

A chef in a small town called Roses in Spain taught us that genius knows not of geography. That human talent is the scarcest and most valuable commodity on the planet. And that it must be revered and nurtured and that it will sustain and nurture us in return. Please forget that these wines are not of the Rheinhessen, Nahe or the Mosel. Please remember that great winemakers make great wines.

One of the things that this company affords me to do is sell any wine I want. Most of you will

probably not think that is some big whoop but it is major whoop big deal.  There are a small number of wines out there that are world class but because of the region or the grape, no normal (sane) importer would buy them as they would need to be hand sold bottle by bottle.

Today is a day I've been looking forward to since I first signed Ziereisen 2 years ago.

For the Burgundy lovers: yes, young Rhone Whites can be too forward/fruity when young but Luyton's style is very restrained and this wine has the aromatics, power and elegance of Grand Cru Burgundy at a fraction of the price.  And the oak is integrated so you can drink it now.  You should try this.

I've tasted 4 great top of the top White Hermitage this trip. 2014 Chave, 2016 Sorrel "Les Roucoules," 2014 Habrard "Les Roucoules and the 2015 Luyton Hermitage Blanc.

Sven Klundt - Our Young Pfalz Star

Grand Cru /GG Style Kastanienbusch Pinot Noir

- Achingly Beautiful, Finesse-Driven

- Exquisite Fruit, Deep Berry, Gamey, Mineral

- One of My Absolute Favorite Vineyards in Germany

Single Vineyard Grosses Gewachs Style Riesling 

- Kastanienbusch's Geeky Cousin

- Dense Aromatics but Profoundly Mineral

During this recent sale I had more requests for Klundt than any other German producer. A ton of clients said give me the rest of your Klundt.

While the Mosel has traditionally been the top region for sweet wine, it was only relatively recently that it's dry wines became popular.  And while the Brauneberg area of the Middle Mosel has its share of top dry wine producers (e.g. Stefan Steinmetz, Schloss Lieser and our own Licht Stadfeld) the area around Traben-Trarbach is really hot with producers like our own Martin Muellen and Immich Batterieberg.  The vineyards are steep, treacherous and very not fun to work in.

One thing that I have learned since I've been traveling to the Northern Rhone is that in St.Joseph there

are many great terroirs and the differences between them are as vast as the difference between a Gevrey-Chambertin  and a Chambolle-Musigny. For example everyone says Gonon is the best St. Joseph. It is one of the tops for sure and it is surely the top in St. Epine, where the vines are located.

We all know the Greek, who runs the top wine store in the Rhone and who has been the first retailer to sell pretty much every top winery in the region.  We call him the King of the Rhone.  He knows all of the best plots in the entire region and makes a series of stunning wines.

This is perhaps the hardest to get and I'm thrilled to sell the 2015 Compagnie L'Hermitage Chateauneuf-du-Pape "lieu dit Pignan" for as little as $89.99 a bottle NET.

The famed Wilhelm Haag in his day had a reputation that he could crush the bones in your hands so

powerful were they from working in the vineyards for decades.  While I have a great fondness for him, I can confidently say that Motalli Renato would turn Haag's hands (or even Mike Tyson's) to dust if they went at it.  Motalli Renato has been working this brutal winemaking region for decades and these powerful hands are his badges of honor for his spectacular work over the years.