As many of you all know, my tasting of the wines of Paul Weltner was the light bulb moment that

caused me to eventually open Fass Selections.  They were so brilliant and I knew that no regular importer could bring them in.  So I vowed to open an importer/retailer that could import and sell them with the passion that they deserve; the rest is history.

These wines are also, perhaps the "Fassiest" wines in this portfolio. They have very high acidity, amazing intensity (these are not light whites), huge dry extract, massive minerality, stunning purity, epic textures and are faithful to respective sites.  In short, the Wall of Flavor: when you drink them your palate is assaulted by a moving wall of fruit, minerality and aromatics that won't quit and lasts 30-45 seconds after you swallow.

By now the clients who took the risk and bought the high end cuvees of Thierry Germain at Domaine

des Roches Neuves know how great these wines can be and are being rewarded. They are getting the recognition in France as well as the RVF upgraded them to 3 stars as one of the top two estates in the Loire (along with Clos Rougeard whose wines go for 2-3 these prices and are also impossible to find).

I do not like Sauvignon Blanc. Let's get that out of the way first. But I love the brilliant Chavignol's

of Francois Cotat. Why is that? First of all this is Chavignol and not Sancerre. The wines from the rest of Sancerre share many of the same characteristics, but upon the majestic hill that is Chavignol, this terroir creates Sancerre of a special character. When you combine that with the incredible traditional winemaking of Francois Cotat you have some of the best wines int he world.

What do Gentaz-Dervieux, Claire Dau, Raymond Trollat and Schloss Eltz all have in common? They all made terrific world-class wine and theyall do not exist anymore. Surely there must be more estates

beyondthese that were the bee's knees and then hung it up for one reason oranother. Of course there are. Licht-Bergweiler was one of the greatold estates of the Mosel. They were firmly in the 2nd tier behind JJ Prum and Willi Schaefer. The wines were spectacular old school Mosel style.

I was planning on offering these wines in May but Michael E-Mailed me and told me that demand was so strong in France that he only had a small number of bottles left so... the offer is today.  

These wines are incredibly unique for three reasons:

1) While they have lovely Syrah fruit, they are incredibly elegant and more finesse-driven.  

2) they are under $25 which is an incredibly low price for the highly popular St.

I offered the "single soil" wines (Bundsandstein and Muschelkalk) from Enderle and Moll in December and there was nearly a riot.  Everyone ordered in total about three times as much wine as I was allocated.

I seriously underestimated JJ Girard the first time I tasted his wines.

Oh don't get me wrong, I loved everything that I had in his cellar.  But when I first tasted his lineup,

everything just tasted delicious and I was mostly focused on the quality.  Now that I've had a chance to taste each wine by itself over the course of several evenings, I've gained a better appreciation of just how great a winemaker Girard is.

The word is out and Herve Murat is a known star in France and amongst Fass Selections' customers. It is incredible and may be the best values of the 2012 vintage I tasted from barrel; it is the 2012 Hervé Murat Beaune "Les Blanches Fleurs," which can be had for as little as $36.99 on the 3-pack.  The Beaune 1er Cru "Tuvilains" used to be $36-$39, now it is $50; this wine will increase in price in coming vintages so grab as much of this at a low price in the great 2012 vintage as you can.

"The quality improves each year and this producer is not to be ignored. " -- Bettane & Desseauve, The Guide 2015

We offered the $80 single vineyard "La Comptesse en Cote Blonde" from Christophe Pichon in April; it's a bit on the high end so we begged for an allocation of his regular Côte-Rôtie to give everyone a chance to try this amazing producer before the prices get too high.  Pichon is one of the hottest, if not the hottest, up and coming Côte-Rotie AND Condrieu producer in France.

One of Stuart Piggott's Favorite Young Winemakers - Talented, Unknown, Underpriced and a Stunning Value  

Happy New Year.  We're getting ready for the spring ship and it's time to stock up on German Riesling for the summer.  I have 2 bottlings from the young Nahe star, Andi Schneider at the great K.H. Schneider estate in the Nahe. I know I have lightning in a bottle, and soon you will know and laugh at how inexpensive these wines are compared to the insane quality here.