I think that Niklas Welter might be the greatest red wine talent in Germany that no one knows about.

It's because his estate, Spater-Veit is famous for its fantastic Rieslings from Piesport. But the people in the know know that German Pinot Noir is the biggest thing going now and the value is ridiculous as not many people are making high quality German Pinot Noir. But quietly Niklas Welter is killing it in Piesport making small batch Pinot Noir from revered sites usually saved for Riesling. Global warming has provided a new way and new perspective in German Pinot Noir. The Pinots here at every level are astonishing and all crafted by a genius. A quiet genius, but a genius no doubt. I cannot tell you how great these are, at this moment in time.

I Hit the MotherLode: JanotsBos Is Going to Blow You All Away

- Winemaker Worked at Comte Lafon

- Wines Have Incredible Depth and Concentration

- Yet They Are So Balanced

- These Are What White Burgundy Should Be

Bourgogne Blanc

- From Puligny and Meursault Terroir

- Blind Tastes Like a Village or 1er Cru

- One of the Great Bourgogne Blancs

- A Steal at $24.99 ($22.99 Case Pricing)

Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru "Morgeot"

- Opulent, But an Opulence That Is Beseiged by Complexity

- A Fa

Kai Schätzel: Martin Muellen meets Hofgut Falkenstein meets Emrich Schonleber

Pettenthal GG!

- One of the Top Vineyards in Germany 

- One of the Most Unique Wines in Europe 

- Flat Out Beautiful: Herbal, Mineral An Olfactory Overload 

- This Will Be a Recognized German Collectable Within 5 Years 

- Wine Advocate's Reinhardt (Good Palate) Gives It 94 Points

(This is the same score as Keller's 14 Pettenthal Which Costs $175 AND you cannot find that wine)

Plus One of His Legendary Kabinetts

Two Micro Production Cuvees (80 and 100 Cases)

2003 "Blanc de Blanc" 

- Stunningly Delicious but Also Remarkable Depth and Nobility

- A Chance to Try Great 14 Year Aged Vintage Champagne  and Not Spend Over $100 (I Bought This Direct)

2007 "Pinot Meunièr"

- Has That Pinot Meunièr Geekiness - Just Crazy Cerebral

- Super Concentrated and Expressive

Extremely Limited

At some winemakers, there is The List and then, there is the list.

One of the Top Vineyards in Germany

Brought Back from the Dead by Martin Müllen 

- Replanted with Ancient Vines

- Like Hearing Mozart Played on Antique Instruments Conducted by Mozart

A Unique Wine, Two Very Different Vintages (09 and 11) of His Spatlese Trocken (Dry Riesling)

Muellen's Magnum Opus and One of My Favorite White Wines

There are many great things about working with Martin Müllen and two of those things culminate in today's offer.

Incredible 1er Cru under $40 From One Of Our Core Producers.

Stunning Small Production Grand Cru Burgundy for Under $80

- Corton Bressandes Normally Costs $110+

Both Have Traditional Poisot Complexity, Balance and Minerality

- But the 2015 Fruit Makes  them More Drinkable Young

"Rémi Poisot described the 2015 vintage as "truly a beautiful vintage that comes perhaps once a decade if that." 

I always love visiting Remi Poisot as he is so relaxed, laid back and a gentle kind man.

Les Elotins 2015

- Remarkable Nose - Densely Fruited and Mineral

- Rich, Ripe, Fresh Palate

- At $42.99 I Challenge You To Find a Better Value in Cote Rotie

Les Roziers 2015

- Flat Out Sensational - One of the Top Wines of the Vintage

- Remarkable Fruit But Incredibly Well Balanced

- A Blockbuster Wine and a Crazy Value at $57.99

My visit this past March with Christophe Billon was a continuation of my visit with him last March. It may sound confusing but it makes perfect sense.

A New Star in Burgundy

Village Meursault (VV) for Under $38

- A More Elegant Style of Meursault 

- An Insane Value for a Fantastic Winemaker at this Price

Premier Cru Cailleret

- 300 (Three Hundred) Bottles Made (Limited, Of Course)

- A Work of Art

- As Good a Nose as I've Smelled on a White Burg

- Concentrated Yet Hauntingly Complex and Balanced

It's been a while since I've introduced a new a Burgundy estate as I taste and taste and taste but I'm a

picky guy and really only want the b

Wine journalism is an evolving form, or a work in progress, to be a bit more frank. It has many highs and also many lows. The big issue I find is that the same old tired tropes get into the zeitgeist and everybody writes about them ad nauseam. There are so few who take risks or think outside the box and everything is just enough not to shake the hornet's nest.

A Region Most Americans Have Never Heard of

One Grape 

Most Americans Have Never Heard of

Another Grape Not Associated with this Country

But The Terroir Is Perfect for These Grapes

And The Informational Disconnect Makes These Wines Incredibly Underpriced 

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