I wanted to get a batch of more serious old Mullen dry and off dry Spatlesen and dry Auslesen over I had the 1998 Martin Muellen Krover Paradies Auslese Trocken, which can be had for as little as $34.99 on the 4-pack, (thanks to the strong dollar it is cheaper than before) the other night at a dinner with clients and it absolutely blew my mind. It was as they say, and I hate that I am saying this, firing on all cylinders. It was just ethereal wine and a stunning experience. It went too quick for me to see it evolve it was that good. The aromatics were uplifting and it wafted from the glass with just layers of slate/leather/smoke and some apricot fruit. More of the dried kind. The nose is secondary I would say at this point with tertiary aromas peeking through.

The Other French Pinot Noir: Freshness, Freshness, Freshness from the


When I think of Red Sancerre I can't think of many that hit the mark. Some are overoaked. Some are underfruited. And some are overearthed. The key with finding good red Sancerre is to remember one name. Gerard Morin. There, I made it easy for you. Yes I won't turn down a bottle of Vatan Sancerre Rouge but finding that is about as easy as finding a yellow cab in NYC between 3:30-7pm.

Probably our most successful inexpensive Bordeaux is the great classic Medoc wine of Stefan

Paeffgen. Stefan, as the subject notes, is originally from Germany.  He gained full control of the estate with the 2010 vintage, which I have sold twice.  It's been our most popular Bordeaux with good reason.  Bordeaux at this quality level normally costs at least $40-$50 (through the standard 3 tier system).

That moment when you open a wine that you have imported into the USA you for the first time can

be nerve-racking.  Time for me to put money where my mouth is per se. That moment of truth came last week for Florent Garaudet and his Monthelie Blanc, which after a 20 minute decant absolutely blew me away. Stunning balance, aromatics and insane fruit concentration with an incredible earthy/wet earth footprint, braced by incredible acidity.

Everyone has a few holy grails in their life they want to acquire or have but it can also be an

achievement. Climbing Mount Everest and planting a flag, or in today's world, taking a selfie could be one. For me, it's getting a pair of Nike SB Dunk "What the Dunks" for a reasonable price. I passed two years ago at $700 and now they are $2,000. One other for me, related to wine is to have a perfect aged bottle of Romanee-Conti. Had them young but really want to taste and smell one with age.

I really liked the 2011 version of this wine.

I loved the 2012 and made it my white wine of the year.

The 2013 is the best version I've tasted and I'm thrilled to offer the Caspari-Kappel2013

Ellegrub Riesling Spatlese Trocken "Alte Reben" for $24.99 on the 4 pack.  The nose shows classic "sponnti" aromas along with cooling minerality and notes of yeast that are so damn appealing. The Clemens Busch signature is tremendous here as Uwe, the winemaker was at Clemens before this.

I like to drink wines.  The play of the flavors dancing across my palate and hitting different parts of

my tongue.  The lingering finish.  But there's a limit to the joy - after all, a sip of wine can only be drunk once.  What I really love is a wine with brilliant aromatics.  I can inhale the same wine over and over before even taking a sip.

The world is catching on to the brilliant Chenins and Cab Francs of Thierry Germain.The RVF just

Michel Chevre of Roches Neuves and Clos de L'Ecotard upgraded the estate to 3 stars of which only Clos Rougeard is in that club for the Loire Valley. Stephane Reinhardt, the new German Reviewer for the Wine Advocate just recently did his first Loire report and was giddy over Thierry's wines. Many of you have been shipped the whites and the reds offered earlier this year.

Pierre Demets makes some of the best value Champagnes I have ever tasted. They are incredibly

delicate, fine and precise.  It's like German precision meets the brilliant terroir of the Aube and a top producer in this exciting up and coming region.  There is a house style here that is so distinct and unique, yet each wine has that style while remaining startlingly original.  The 19em Siecle is inexpensive because I buy direct but this is the Demets wine for serious Champagne drinkers.

This is the Francois Cotat Sancerre you Can Drink Young...It Can also Age (and It's Affordable)

I love Francois Cotat as much as the next wine geek. It's not Sancerre, it's Chavignol I have caught myself saying on many a occasion. Or, age your Sancerre kiddies, is another one of my semi insufferable snobbish quotes. We all swoon over Francois, and rightly so. His Grand Cote, Les Monts Damnes and Culs de Beujeau are some of the finest Sauvignon Blancs in the world.