At this point, we all know about the King of the Rhone, Georges Lelektsoglou of Compagnie de

l'Hermitage, who has been the first person to sell pretty much all of the great wines of the Northern Rhone.  His store is a shrine for winemakers and wine lovers alike.  At the Greek's store in Tain, this is only producer he "hides" and only gives to "worthy" people. It's the special stash.

David Reynaud of Domaine Les Bruyeres became famous the hard way.  He worked his butt off making great wine in an out of favor appellations, Crozes Hermitage.  His Crozes are some of the best of the new wave of terrific Crozes sweeping across France like Darnaud, Alexandrins and Habrard.

From Our New German Red Wine Star

A Grape I've Wanted to Sell for 10 Years but Could Not Source Here

An Aromatic Explosion - I'm in Love with this Wine

(Almost Forgot, from the Legendary Grand Cru Centgrafenberg Vineyard) 

I first tasted Fruhburgunder at the iconic Fuerst winery in Franken about 10 years ago. I've loved it ever since that day but because it is not a well known grape, the importer did not import it (the Furst version through 3 tier would also be quite expensive).

One of the categories that Fass Selections does not sell much of is Bordeaux and that is because in

general many others have it covered well and Bordeaux is not a place where there are that many small family estate growers making wines. It's all about the classed growths. And in general those wines are dominated by oak and extract and high alcohol. And high prices. I don't want to get into the reasons why Bordeaux has turned into what it is now as that has been written about enough.

Pascal Bouley is my kind of producer.  No fancy website.  No fancy labels.  Not fancy marketers.

Réyane et Pascal just work the vines every day, all day to make the best wines that they can.  And it shows.  I really love their wines and as customers start to try them, the word is spreading.

As the verdict comes in 2014 is shaping up to be a terrific vintage, but like many previous vintages it is short. Pascal Bouley was down 35% from a normal vintage.

If there is one thing that I love about having and running Fass Selections is that I never have stopped learning about wine. Learning was always going to be a part of whatever career I decided on as because early on I was obviously obsessed with attaining knowledge and perhaps even more obsessed with sharing it. Before wine it was going to be art history, selling and extolling the virtues of some unknown Renaissance painter.

At the high end of Champagne, you have your geek Champagnes that the Champagne geeks love.

Complex. Almost brooding.  But often austere and verging on charmless. They are interesting but rarely delicious. Then you have the more approachable Champagnes that are delicious and forward with lovely fruit and the classic Champagne acidity, but they can be less interesting.  There are very few Champagnes that have the stuff to appeal to both worlds; this is one of them.

Taught from the Best (Faurie) a New Young Master

Perhaps the Best Crozes-Hermitage Made

Buy Before the Price Hikes (25% Starting with 2014) Bring Him in Line with the Other Top Producers


"One of the superstars in Crozes Hermitage is Emmanuel Darnaud"

Jeb Dunnuck, The Wine Advocate

5/5 stars (St. Joseph)

John Livingstone Learmouth.

The Most Exciting Young Producer in Chablis

Fabien Goes the Extra Mile ... and it Shows in the Depth and Length of These Wines

Stunning 2014 Vintage in Chablis

When you taste a young winemaker for the first time, you can just tell that they have "it."  A certain

style and approach that will make them great.  I've been ahead of the curve on a ton of producers (Murat, Chavy-Chouet, Mullen, Cruchandeau, etc.) that have since been recognized and Dauvissat is the next one.

"The quality is also very fine up and down the appellation hierarchy as a look at the various Burghound Selections will confirm. Among the regional wines    I was particularly impressed by the Bourgogne-Hautes Côtes de Nuits  though there are many fine examples of straight Bourgogne as well.

PYCM is the current chosen one in Burgundy and with good reason. The style here is racy as they

come with his model being Riesling. Low alcohol, high acid and gobs of minerality shows PYCM knows a thing or two about Riesling. He also knows his sites extremely well down to the leaf and grape cluster. Detail oriented winemakers make the best wine. I also love him and his operation because he is not an appellation snob.