Thierry Germain is an uncompromising and very passionate winemaker and is the next big star to come out of Saumur.  He is the only Loire winemaker (other than Rougeard) to have 3 stars in the Revenue de France.  His whites and reds are equally as good and he makes multiple cuvees of what I like to call "Cheniesling" as these are the most Rieslingesque wines out there that are not made from Riesling.

I'm thrilled to offer the utterly brilliant 2013 Domaine des Roches Neuves "Clos Romans" for as little as $69.99 on a 3-pack. This is very allocated as 13 was a bit short and he only makes around 550 bottles of this stuff. It is from, as the name implies an 11th Century "Clos" that Thierry believes is one of the most special sites in the world.

Jean-Claude Berrouet was the winemaker at Château Petrus for over 40 years. He also worked at

Dominus. The word "legend," while accurate, is too quotidien to do him justice. He is certainly one of the most important winemakers of this century. His style focuses on allowing terroir to express itself and he creates wines of supreme balance.

Six Stars from John Livingstone Learmouth

- One of 4 ****** 2011 (along with $150+ Rayas) 

100 Year Old Vines.

The Wine That Breaks the Mold - If You Buy One Under $100 Southern Rhone This Year, This Should Be It

You've all read about the Kingmaker of the Rhone. Georges Lelektsoglou, the Greek, owner of

Compagnie L'Hermitage in Tain l'Hermitage.  The man that all of the top growers know, love and respect.

I love offering wines from our more established stars who can afford great terroir.  But I also love to drink wines from younger, also incredibly talented growers, who make incredible, distinctive wines

from more humble terroir.  One of my favorite winemakers of this group of young Turks, as you know, is Julien Cruchandeau.  He's getting better every year and 2013 is his best year yet.

Julien has a unique style that is unlike anything I have ever tasted in Burgundy.

I drank a bottle of the 2012 Jean Jacques Morel Genouvrees the other night and time stopped.

It's very difficult for me to describe the perfection of this wine.  The 2012 was by no means a powerful or overly fruited wine (it is Bourgogne Blanc after all).  But is was one of the most well crafted Chardonnays I've had.  The balance was perfect.  So perfect that it just washed across my palate and I sat there in awe.

The Puligny is more concentrated and just as well made.

Most of you know the German wine and food blogger, Martin Zwick and his famousblind tastings of the top wines in Germany.  The Rings Brothers won the 2013 and the 2014 Berlin Cups (scored by top German wine professionals) and are incredibly popular in Germany.  Justifiably so as the wines are absolutely fantastic.

Georges Laval

Bérèche et Fils

Ulysses Colin

These are some of the stars of grower Champagne.  I love them all and have sold some of them at very good prices.  But I didn't have a Grower Champagne producer like these (and in their class) that I could sell at a jaw dropping, sick price until today.

Everyone knows that I am able to offer incredible values in well known regions becauseI buy direct

and cut out two tiers of distribution.  Even better values are when I bring in an unknown winemaker. But the best values are when I bring in an amazing winemaker from a completely unknown region. It's tax day so we're all feeling poor so I figured today is the perfect day to offer two wines at a huge discount to what they should cost on a price to quality basis.



The incredible granitic hill behind Tain that rules the town as it's wines rule the region.

Perhaps the ultimate expression of Syrah.

When you look, most prices are in the triple digits...often well into triple digits.  The lowest I saw for 2012 was $74.

The wines of Michelle Luyton are worth those prices but I wanted to bring the wonder of Hermitage to the list at an affordable price.

So you all know the story.  Martin Muellen was my/our big secret.  An amazing winemaker in a little known part of the Mosel with an amazing stock of back vintages.

And then the Wine Advocate (with the highly respected German wine critic Stephan Reinhardt) gave one of his 2012 wines the top dry wine score for the vintage.

And I was very happy.  And then I realized... Martin Muellen is no longer my/our secret.