The Reviews Are in from the List and We Have a New Star in Piedmont

- And It's Alto Piemonte - Land is Cheap and the Wine is Under $30 

- Beautiful, Lacy, Lithe ... Almost Haunting

Perhaps the Greatest Under $30 Value Wines in Our Italy Portfolio

- 17-20 HL/HA Yields (Almost Lalou Levels)

- Only 300 Cases Each 

Bramaterra As Good as Very Good Barbaresco at One-Third the Price

If One Could Liquify the Concept of Fass Selections, It's These Wines

Holy Trinity: Great Terroir, Great Winemaker, Unknown Winemaker in a lesser Known Region ... Stunning Wine at a Phenomenal Value

We E-Mailed on these wines last year and man did we get some positive feedback from the list. Davide Molinatti's wines are absolutely incredibly well made aromatic masterpieces.

These Wines are Made with the Same Love and Attention As Our Small Producers in Burgundy 

- (e.g.

If Juwel is the Razor's Edge of Elegance 

E&M Liason Is Rodin's Thinker

Rings Is Just Perfectly Fruited and Dynamic 

(2015 is The Estate's Favorite One So Far!)

One of Our Most Popular Pinot Noirs - Under $28

The Winner of the Last 2 Berlin Cups for Spatburgunder!

- Plus a New 2016 Riesling That Is Pretty Much So Perfect and So Clean It Just Might Be The Platonic Ideal of Dry Pfalz Riesling 

There are people ahead of the curve and then there is the wonder that is Martin Zwick.

I'm an unabashed wine geek. I wear it proudly on my sleeve. And as a geek I love geeky things. For the circumstances that pertain to this email, and for the sake of brevity, I will explain why Pernand is geeky and not all wine, or in this case Burgundy is geeky. Pernand is a village in the Cote de Beaune and most importantly it has village wines, a ton of 1er Cru wines and Grand Cru wines. But the geeky part is mostly that Pernand is slightly off the beaten path in the Cote de Beaune.

When you look at the great expressions of Pinot Noir, Burgundy, of course tops the list.  As loyal

Fassists, know, Germany is a close second.  There are also some interesting Pinots in California and the Loire.  But perhaps the most interesting Pinot Noir region that most Pinot lovers have not yet tried is in a region that is famous for Pinot, but only in sparkling form.  And that region, of course, is Champagne.

Your Last Chance to Amend for UnderBuying German 2015s

A Grosses Gewachs/Grand Cru Style Riesling

- The Power of the Nahe but Expressed in a Unique Style

- Mineral, Citrus, White Cherry

Plus One of My Favorite Sauvignon Blancs You Can Buy

- All About Finesse and Terroir

- Incredibly Distinctive

It's time to rant about how unbelievably great Andi Schneider's wines are and how they awesome of

the greatest values in a region that has some very high priced fancy producers at the top (Donnhof

My Burgundy book which I adore has wines that need and demand time. I'm ok with that as are most

of you.

La Brocarde

- 2013 the Middle of the Great Troika of Vintages (10,13,15)

- The Nose Soars Out of the Glass

- The Palate Has the Balanced Power of a Great Gevrey or RSV

Elotins 2015

- Insane Value at $42.99 from the Incredible 2015 Vintage

- Incredible Succulent Tiny Berry Fruit, Fantastic Balance

First of all if it was not for 2015 everyone would be clamoring for 2013 Cote Rotie. It is a brilliant vintage and a small notch below 2010.

Let's talk about Roussanne shall we? Normally it's the main grape in Chateauneuf de Pape Blanc, and sometimes its used in the Northern Rhone to buffer the dominant Marsanne. There are some pure Roussanne cuvees in the North but it is rare. Beaucastel makes the most famous one, perhaps in the world, the Roussanne Vielles Vignes, which is a great wine, but you will pay for it ... dearly.