Travaglini and the Cool Bottle are Fine

But Gattinara Has Absolutely Sick Volcanic Terroir

...And We Can Do Better ... and Il Chiosso Has Done Better

Perfectly Aged 2011 Premium Gattinara

- A Must Buy for Nebbiolo Lovers

- Psychotically Fresh, Spicy Clean Nebbiolo Fruit

- At $32.99, Just a Ridiculous Value for Awesome Nebbiolo

Plus one of the Geekiest, Most Aromatic Wines in the Portfolio

Yes, we've all had Travaglini with its cool square bottles.  And it's pretty decent and if the bottles increased awareness of Gattainara, all the power to them.  But there are new up and comers who are preserving the traditions of the old school classics and also using improved techniques and making stunning wines.

2016 Kastanienbusch

-  Legendary, "Grand Cru" Terroir - One of Germany's Top White Wine Vineyards 

-  Sven Took a Major Leap in 2016

-  Deep Penetrating Aromas of Insane Complex Pfalz Love

-  Minerality Coats the Palate - Almost Savory Manner Like Few Wines in the World

-  Sven Is Easily a Top 20 Riesling Producer

- His Popularity in Germany Is Increasing - These Prices Won't Last, Alas

2016 Eiswein 

- These Wines Are German Heritage in a Bottle - A National Labor of Love

- Rocking Acid

From the Craziest, Steepest Terroir in the Mosel

Easily 1er Cru Burgundy Quality

- Utterly Profound

- Vosne-Like

Only His Second Vintage and He's Already One of the Top German Pinot Stars

We Got a Great Deal as He Hasn't Exported Before 

- but Prices Will Increase a Lot Next Year

There are less than 600 Bottles Made per Year (I'm Not Kidding)

Those of you who are on the Enderle & Moll single vineyard and Moebitz lists are on them because

you've been buying the wines since the beginning.

Meursault 1er Cru "Charmes"

- Incredible Depth of Flavor

- Remarable Meursault Power but Great Restraint and Finesse

- A Stunning Bottle of Burgundy

Puligny Montrachet "Les Enseigneres"

- Top Notch Finesse

- Textbook Puligny Elegance and Minerality

- A Ridiculous Value for Top Notch White Burgundy

So when did Chavy-Chouet become elite? Personally I think he might have crossed that threshold in

2015, but many did not pay attention because of the challenging nature of the vintage and I'll

2016 Crozes-Hermitage "Le Mazel"

- Classic and Refined with Exquisite Delicacy

- One of the Greatest Values I Will Offer from the 2016 Rhones

- Only 200 Cases Made

2016 St. Joseph "Guilherand"

- Only 75 Cases Made

- Wonderful Licorice, Prune and Ripe and Sappy Blackberry

- Very Limited

I know it only has been a month since I emailed last on a 2016 Remy Nodin red but he is already sold

out of his micro production Cornas (1,700 bottles) that we just offered.

I'm offering the 2016 Thörle Probstey Silvaner Trocken for $33.99 a bottle on a 4-Pack.This wine is a showstopper and shows the potential quality of Grand Cru style Silvaner in the Rheinhessen.  It's got a startling herbal/smokey/salty nose that lets you know this is a special special wine. Very aromatic in such a distinct way. Dried citrus skin and white flowers as well. Also some tight citrus/tree fruits like kumquat and tangerine. Really incredible nose. Even some white fruit and pineapple.

- As Compelling a Bottle of Champagne That Has Ever Passed Through Fass Selections

- 3 Obscure, Almost Unheard of Grapes

- Rare Aromas

- Fass Selections US Exclusive

"Terres de Sables" 1er Cru Brut

- Will Be Around $60-70 next year

- The Wild Child of the Perseval-Farge Lineup

- So Huge, so Intense and So Chewy It Cannot Be Believed

One of the things I love about dealing with  very old European wineries and cultures in general is the preservation of tradition.

Two Brilliant Wines from the Expansive Intellect of Kai Schatzel

- Not Just Incredible Wines But Incredibly Different

2015 Pettenthal

- One of Germany's Most Celebrated Vineyards

- "A radical wine of great originality" Stuart Pigott 

- Each sip is like a 3 Michelin Star Amuse Bouche

- 96 Points from Stuart Pigott

2015 Schätzel Olberg GG 

- A Ridiculous Price (Under $40) for a Winemaker This Good

- Unique Smoky Tangelo Nose as Site Is an Overlooked Wonder

- 93 Points from Stuart Pigott

2015 in the Rheinhessen Was a Historic Vintage

Probstey "Grand Cru"

- Among the Best Pinot Noirs I've Tasted from Anywhere in Germany

- Incredibly Hedonistic

- Deep Cherry Fruit with Incredible Detail 

- Full & Layered Aromatic Spectrum

- $42.99 for Pinot This Level of Quality Is Unheard of

- 95 Points from Pigott

Village Saulheimer Kalkstein

- Please Do Not Sleep on This Wine (Sick Value Under $25)

- Young Grapes from Grand Cru Sites

- The Power and Balance of the Grand Crus 

- 93 P

One of Our Great Entry Level Champagnes Done Two Ways

From a Top Producer (Caillez Lemaire)

Eclats Brut Nature NV

- Almost Impossible to Find Brut Nature This Good Under $50 (This is $38)

- Mineral but Also Remarkable Richness

Eclats Brut NV

- Our Go to Entry Level Champagne

- A Bit More Delicious, Round and Fruity

- Still Geekily Mineral and Complex

One of the things I have always loved doing besides selling great wine is selling wine that furthers

one's wine education.