I love St. Joseph.  I've sold a lot of St. Joseph.  But as the region becomes more famous, it's getting

harder to find values (even for me).  More importantly, it's getting harder for young, talented winemakers to find affordable vineyard land.  As I've said before, and will say again, Crozes-Hermitage is the new St. Joseph. There is a new generation of young vignerons making some exciting wine in Crozes-Hermitage.

I've really wanted to sell a wine built for ageing from Crozes to show the potential of the region.  I also very much wanted to sell an ageworthy, 100% Syrah Rhone wine in the under $25 range.  I'm thrilled to offer the excellent 2013 Remy Nodin Crozes-Hermitage "Le Mazel" for as little as $24.99 a bottle on the 4-pack.

Dealing with winemakers like Florent Garaudet is a blessing and a curse.  The good thing is that his wines are all great and very inexpensive for the quality because he's young and no one (other than his Burgundian winemaker peers) has heard of him.  The bad thing is that he has many small bottlings all of which are great and I can't offer them all at once.

I had to choose two, a Puligny Montrachet, a Meursault, a Monthelie Blanc (his most famous wine) and a Bourgogne Blanc.

As I said in the previous Domaine des Beaumont e-mail, 2008 seems to be when they figured it all out

and 2010 is the vintage that put them on the map. I was very very lucky to secure three wines, including two of their best Grand Cru's. In fact I have offered now 3 vintages of their Clos de la Roche and Clos St. Denis and two vintages of the great Gevrey 1er Cru, Cherbaudes.

Is Moulin A Vent the best Cru Beaujolais? Richard Rottiers thinks so. 

I sold you Foillard.  

I sold you Metras.

And you said, "This is great, great prices,  I'll take 4 bottles but I've seen these before.  I want a new Fass Selections Beaujolais that is of superstar quality."

My response was that I'd dig deeper into Beaujolais and see what I could do - these guys are not soliciting me with E-Mails from France nor are they ambushing me at Charles de Gaulle when I arrive for my visits.

The Protege of One of the Dry Wine Masters ofthe Mosel: The First Winemaker from the Brilliant Stefan Steinmetz's "Coaching Tree" 

Stefan Steinmetz, of the winery Gunther Steinmetz is one of the great young winemakers in Germany.

I've sold boatloads of his wines and he has a huge following, particularly in New York.  He also has the best palette for wine I have encountered in Germany.

I'm an absolute freak for blanc de blancs.  I love blanc de noir as well but well made blanc de blancs has everything that I love in white wine; that gorgeous, feminine quality, and the balance of fruit,

minerality and acidic backbone.  I didn't sell much of it in my previous lifetimes because the price of champagne had gotten so high, the price to value got out of whack.

The last 2 vintages, I offered this wine too late in the year, maxed out my allocation and had to disappoint a bunch of people  So this year, I've learned my lesson and am offering it in August in a

sneak attack on the French (who love this wine).  For those of you new to the list, I'll review my notes on Marsanne's St. Joseph:

1) St.

My first offer was the Herve Murat Hautes-Côtes de Nuits "Les Herbues" 2010 for $19.99.  I was

thrilled to offer such an incredible wine at such a great price; I knew it couldn't last though.  Everyone is now recognizing that Herve is a genius and the prices have increased (still a great value though and his wines get better every year).

You are officially warned: Julien Crucandeau is another rock star and these prices are going to go up as he gets the recognition he deserves.

(This is going to be a long E-Mail but trust me, you need to read it because these are two spectacular and unusual wines and there is a lot of background that goes into understanding why they are so special).  

Herve Murat was the first official Burgundy appointment in Fass Selections history and he'll always have a special place in my heart. I was very nervous as I had never been in the position of pitching anything to a producer before.

What if I told you that the absolute best value Pinot Noir I have had since Fass Selections opened was not from Burgundy. It's weird I know as I sell a lot of killer values in Burgundy because of my direct from the winery business model.  But this wine will change your perspective on what Pinot Noir can be

more than any other I've sold.  We all know that legendary wine critic Jancis Robinson is a fan of Enderle & Moll.  She was ahead of the curve and the 2012 Liason is their best version yet...